15 top Chrome extensions to streamline your recruitment workflow

The day of the recruiter is made up of a long line of tasks, roles, and projects. Whether that’s business development, sourcing, formatting CVs or engaging with candidates and hiring managers, much of your day revolves around your browser.

So your browser should be as productive as it can be. 

The good news is that the Chrome Web Store offers a long list of web extensions to streamline your workflow, and allow you to work even more efficiently.

We’ve put together a list of the top 15 Chrome extensions to boost your recruitment productivity.

1. Lastpass 

Keeping on top of your long list of calls, meetings and leads can be enough to remember, without trying to keep track of a long list of company passwords. On top of that, to keep yourself and your company safe online, every employee knows that these passwords need to be secure. 

Luckily Lastpass acts as a solution to this, creating secure passwords for every site you use and saving them locally with encryption. All you need to do is remember a master password, and Lastpass will do the rest.

2. Adblock

With your passwords now tidied up, next on the list is clearing up your browser, free of all those incredibly distracting ads. Luckily, the solution is simple. Adblock Plus is the most well-known ad-blocker for Chrome. It’s easy to install and gets to work immediately, removing the distractions from your page and allowing you to get back to focussing on the task at hand.

3. Pushbullet

Another potential drain on your productivity is distractions constantly popping up on your phone. But when you’re waiting to hear back from a candidate or client, it’s easy to find yourself checking your phone at every buzz, only to find an unhelpful alert from an app you didn’t even know you had. 

Pushbullet solves this by adding your chat services to your browser, including your Whatsapp and SMS messages and allowing you to put your phone away. 

Additionally, Android users can receive messages and calls straight from their desktop, making messaging candidates a much quicker and simpler process. Just be sure to confirm that using Pushbullet sits in line with the security processes of your business. 

4. Save to Pocket 

Whether you’re gathering research for an interaction with a candidate or client, or just finding yourself three paragraphs into an article you stumbled across on LinkedIn, Save to Pocket is great for productivity.

Allowing you to quickly save pages, links, images and files to a central list and syncing them across all your devices, this extension tidies up your workspace and keeps everything all in one place. Not only that, but based on the things you’re interested in, you’ll also be shown suggested content, expanding your research with the stuff you actually want to see.

5. The Great Suspender 

If there was ever a productivity downfall that recruiters are renowned for, it’s probably the endless amount of tabs constantly open. Although tools such as SourceBreaker can reduce your open tabs dramatically, a few hours of research can still cause the number to quickly add up. 

While keeping tabs open can often be the quickest way to move between tasks, it’s important to remember that Google Chrome is well known for eating up your RAM. This means even the most powerful PCs will start to feel the effects of multiple tabs and begin to slow. The Great Suspender acts on that, suspending the tabs you’re not using and allowing your PC to put its energy (literally) back into the task at hand. 

Want to suspend more specifically? You can also set up a list of exceptions allowing certain domains or URLs (such as your emails) to continue running, keeping you consistently in the know. 

6. Tab Wrangler

Whilst The Great Suspender is great for keeping tabs on the back burner until you next need them, sometimes the harsh reality remains: you’re not coming back to that tab. The Tab Wrangler works by actually closing tabs you’ve not used in a certain amount of time. 

While that may sound a little cut-throat, Tab Wrangler compiles these closed tabs, allowing you to re-open them when you need them. Just remember: Tab Wrangler won’t save pages in their current state, so its important to save any pages before you leave. 

7. Checker Plus

On the subject of tabs, none demand constant revisits quite like your calendar. And if you don’t, you may run the risk of missing a crucial call or meeting. 

Checker Plus is a great tool designed to combat this, allowing you to quickly view and edit your calendar from any tab. On top of that, just by simply highlighting event information on any page, you can automatically add it straight to your calendar. 

Wondering when your next meeting is? Without clicking through, the amount of time you have before your next calendar event is displayed in your status bar at all times. That’s a tonne of time saved. 

8. Event Merge

Not only is it useful for your calendar to be easily accessible, but making it clear and concise in the first place makes for a significant boost to your productivity. Event Merge allows you to declutter your calendar, merging work with personal and combining duplicates of the same event, offering you a clean, striped, updated view of your entire diary. 

9. Gmail Reverse Conversation

If there’s ever been a sector that really loves emails, it’s recruitment. Whatever role you’re working on, there’s normally a few lengthy email chains to back it up. But late into the project, there’s really nothing more annoying than continuously scrolling down to find the most recent addition to the conversation. Shouldn’t it just be at the top?

That’s what Gmail Reverse Conversation comes in, simply moving the newest message to the top – no scrolling required. 

10. Grammarly

Not only is it useful to get your emails a little more organised, but it’s also a good idea to make writing them – and writing them well – take a little less time. 

Undoubtedly a crowd favourite, this isn’t the first time we’ve written about Grammarly. Powered by AI, Grammarly works as your built-in writing assistant, correcting your grammar, spelling, punctuation and simply making the words you write clearer and more succinct. 

Grammarly also now has a ‘tone detector’ and works across your email, documents, slack, jira, social media, and just about anywhere else you may need it. 

11. FoxClocks

No matter how good your maths is, there’s simply no denying it: time difference can get confusing. 

Great for recruiters working with international candidates or clients, FoxClocks allows you to select specific time zones of your choice and add them to your Chrome status bar, all while taking daylight savings into consideration. Booking international meetings is now much more simple.

12. Google Meet/Hangouts Grid View 

When it comes to digital meetings, Google’s built in Hangouts and Meet (Hangouts for business) platforms are great for setting up quick discussions with candidates and clients alike. However, when it comes to larger meetings, the platforms’ default setting of switching to whoever is talking can occasionally get a little annoying, particularly when moving frequently between different speakers. 

That’s where the “grid view” extension comes in handy, allowing you to see everyone at once, without any of the jumping around. 

13. Voice In Voice Typing

Whether you’re transcribing an interview with a candidate, making notes on a call or putting together some quick content, one thing is true: you can only type so fast. Whatever it is you’re writing, the less time you spend typing away and the more time you spend articulating yourself, the better. Fortunately extensions such as Voice In Voice Typing exist, using voice recognition to make it easier and quicker to get things down on the page. 

14. Google Keep 

Keeping notes is only useful: a) if you can find them again, and b) if they make any sense in the first place. 

Luckily Google Keep can help, allowing you to save URLs, text and images and letting you make notes on each respective piece of content. On top of that, you can add labels to these notes, and keep everything all in one place.

15. Loom 

Last on the list is Loom. Recommended by SourceBreaker’s own customer success team, Loom is a screen-sharing platform, brilliant for sharing techniques both internally and externally.

Whether you’re sharing information with others, or just making an instructional recording for yourself to come back to later, Loom takes out a lot of the back-and-forth and helps you to get stuff done. 

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