2017 Recruitment trends

2017 has just begun and we thought it would be useful for you to see what trends will be shaping the recruitment industry this year. Here is a snapshot of the top trends to help you strategise for the year ahead.

Advance of Recruitment Marketing

With an influx of millennial job seekers entering the market and their natural aversion to traditional recruitment channels it’s vital to be creative and consider social media as an additional sourcing tool in order to not miss out on top talent. It’s a relatively easy way to promote your employer brand and future career opportunities.

Introduction of Predictive Technology to Determine Candidate Response Patterns

The development of more adept sourcing technology has meant that Recruiters will now be able to gain increased insight into candidates and their current sectors to help their search for talent. Systems, based on a number of criteria will analyse candidate’s habits, such as their social media posting frequencies, employment tenure at a specific company/location, and how well the candidate’s current company is performing in order to predict a candidate’s next steps and their future employment needs.

The Rise of the Gig Economy

Another big trend that is set to continue is recruiting of contingent workers in sectors such as finance and IT. More and more companies are choosing to take on contractors and consultants over permanent staff to save on expenditure and provide additional options.

Stay Connected on the go

Mobile remains a huge trend in recruiting and is 86% of candidates preferred way to search for a new job according to a recent survey by Kelton Research. Therefore recruiters are inevitably making sure that their agency sites and job listings are optimised to be mobile friendly.

SourceBreaker are here to make your candidate search easier in utlising the above trends. Please get in contact if you need any more tips on how best to get to that candidate first.