The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up Part 4

Part Four – Incentives

The latest excerpt from the SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up tackles what needs to be in place to motivate new hires to deliver results fast.


Most recruiters are hard-wired to pursue incentives.

The results-reward culture in the industry is one of the main lures that draws people towards the sector in the first place, and a major reason why they stay.

To make sure new starters aren’t only motivated by the appeal of their first commission cheque, goals and rewards can be implemented which encourage the right kinds of activity types and volumes.

Most agencies fully capitalise on this with strong performance-based plans for established recruiters, but you can put this hunger for incentive to great use during the ramp-up period.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, depending on your market, it could be several months before even the most talented new recruiter actually sees any commission hit their bank account.

This makes ramp-up goals are all the more significant, as they offer an opportunity to recognise new hires who make a flying start, even if it doesn’t mean putting money on the board straight away.

The range of options for designing ramp goals is limited only by your imagination, but some effective strategies include:

  • New-starter club – a competitive league of all the company’s new hires, recording onboarding KPIs across the business and pitting new employees against each other on a level playing field.

New-starter metrics don’t have to be limited to sales, either, but can concentrate on activity KPIs such as interviews, client calls, candidate screens etc.

  • Quick-start sales incentives – cash bonuses or higher commission tiers can be offered on first placements, or additional compensation can be made available for first deals with newly-signed clients, or placements completed within a set time-frame
  • Training & development rewards – along with monetary incentives, new hires can respond well to being invited to participate in wider company operations and decision-making.

As well as offering something outside of simple financial prizes, this approach can have the extra benefit of deepening employee engagement and building vital skill sets.

Incentives may include an invitation to sit in on a company management meeting if certain goals are achieved, the chance to join a cross-functional project (such as marketing or tech) or a ticket to attend a conference or trade event.

Get the full guide

SourceBreaker’s complete Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up covers all aspects of a comprehensive recruiter onboarding program, including:

  1. Preparation – what needs to be ready for the new employee before they arrive, to give them the maximum chance of success?
  2. Tools – what technology, resources and infrastructure can accelerate the process?
  3. Goals – what are the objectives and KPIs that guide the ramp-up period, for the new hire, manager and the business?
  4. Incentives – what’s in place to motivate new hires to deliver results fast?
  5. Coaching – what input do new employees need to get off to a quick start?

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