3 Questions to ask yourself before sending a candidate CV

As a recruiter your credibility is consistently put to the test anytime you recommend a candidate. When you submit a candidate profile you entrust that it will accurately reflect yours and the candidates abilities and also promote future business from that client.

To avoid spending excess time restructuring and editing CVs, as well as preventing potential push backs from clients, ask yourself the following three questions to improve the chances of your Candidates reaching the next stage.

Does it look professional?

This may seem obvious, but as is often the case candidates can sometimes forget minor details such as checking for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. While it’s not the end of the world to have the odd mistake here and there, it can easily be avoided and will help the overall appearance of professionalism and due diligence.

It’s also important that they have considered CV structure to include well defined sections with clear, bold headings to highlight key points and ensure the client doesn’t overlook them.

Font size and type should be clear and consistent. Although “Times New Roman” is often the preferred font of choice if the candidate hasn’t already done so try suggesting “Calibri’ or “Lato”. These fonts are less commonly used, but still perfectly acceptable and will make their CV more likely to stand out against the rest of the pile.

Is it a clear match for the role?

To ensure that your candidates’ CV’s creates a lasting impression highlight the value of tailoring their CV to match the role that they are applying for. Make sure they have taken time to consider the job spec and match their skills and experience listed accordingly. This will enable the reader to easily assess their level of relevancy for the role and it demonstrates that the candidate has put thought into their own suitability for the role too.

Employers have limited time to spend trying to figure out why an applicant could be the best fit. The information should be clearly displayed in the CV for them to see. If your applicant has not fully thought about the impact of their profile they will likely miss out on the opportunity of an interview.

Does it showcase potential for ROI?

Facts and figures on a CV are elements that an employer will be looking to see. This allows them to understand in more detail the level of impact the individual has had at their previous organisations and what expertise and influence they can bring on board if hired. It also enables the reader to have the chance of comparing other applicants quickly.

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