5 Signs Your Employee Is A Potential Flight Risk

5 Signs Your Employee Is A Potential Flight Risk

Being able to spot when an employee might be thinking of leaving your company is hugely beneficial for you. If you know that someone could be about to leave, you can create a plan to persuade them to stay or prepare to replace them when they go. Sometimes it’s obvious when someone is getting ready to move on, but there are other times when you need to pay a bit more attention if you don’t want to miss the signs. With a little bit of vigilance, you can spot when someone is thinking about leaving before everything falls apart.

1.They’re No Longer Motivated

It’s vital to keep your employees motivated and maintain morale in the workplace. If anyone starts to lose faith in what they’re doing, it might not be long before they’re putting in their notice. Spotting someone who has lost all motivation to do their job can be tricky. Keep an eye out for employees who stop aiming for advancement when they were trying before. If someone seems to no longer care, they could soon be gone.

2.They’re Only Doing the Minimum Required

Many employees go above and beyond to do their job well. If someone who has previously stayed late to finish a project or volunteered to take on extra work is now doing their job to the letter, it could be cause for concern. Watch for anyone who is suddenly arriving and leaving exactly on time or only doing the minimum work required if they have been more of a go-getter in the past.

3.Their Communication Has Changed

When someone’s communication style suddenly changes, it could mean that they’re thinking of leaving. Perhaps an employee who is usually upfront about sharing their opinion is now quiet and withdrawn. Or someone who is ordinarily perfectly pleasant and friendly is now confrontational and looking for an argument all the time. Watch out for employees who have stopped sharing in meetings or no longer want to eat lunch with their colleagues.

4.They’re Taking Extra Time Off

If an employee is suddenly take extra sick leave or personal days, it could be a sign that they’re getting ready to leave. Their time off could be to allow them to attend interviews or even spend time conducting their job search. However, don’t assume that any time off is an indication of an employee about to jump ship. They could be ill or dealing with family problems, so don’t take this sign on its own.

5.Their Friends Are Leaving

Have several of your employees left recently? Or perhaps a few who are part of a friends group have slowly been leaving over time? Friends at work help people enjoy their work more, and can even help them to be more productive. If an employee is feeling lonely, they could be looking for a new job.

While these signs could indicate dissatisfaction at work, they could also be signs of something wrong at home. Creating a work culture where employees are able to be open about these things can help to differentiate between the two. Make sure you don’t rely on only one of these signs to determine if an employee might be getting ready to leave.


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