6 key habits of an effective Recruiter

If you define being an effective recruiter as being a successful one, then it is worth taking the time to examine how to get to this stage. Whether the companies that you work with are already doing well with their recruitment but just want to improve or are starting up a new company and want to get it right the first time, looking at what comprises being ‘effective’ is a valuable tool.

We have done much of the hard work for you and list below what we consider to be the six daily habits of companies looking to recruit effectively:

Focus on the big picture

Getting bogged down in detail can be a recipe for disaster so they should not sweat the small stuff. Having a clear company strategy and sticking to it and making sure that all staff do the same is vital. They should know exactly the type of person they are looking to employ, create a profile and work with it and should be looking at taking on board staff that will fit in with their culture, goals and long term vision.

Look beyond the superficial

They might have a great CV but how are they as a person? Questions should be asked that get them to reveal their personality, thinking about how other staff will get on with them in the workplace. Companies need to look for characteristics that current staff already possess and which have served them well so far; by adding more people of the same type or employees who will complement the workforce, teams will be far more coherent and absorbing them into the company should not be a problem.

Refresh the existing talent community

Always keep in touch with potential candidates, looking at any new skills or positions they have acquired. The more hard work you put into keeping your talent pool fresh, the more productive it will be. Network regularly and constantly, making the most of recruiting in a passive way.

Don’t ignore metrics

Recruitment companies should check out reports and tools that display results, analysing past metrics to see what tactics are working well and which are not. Actions can then be adjusted as required in order to improve results as well as your company ROI and that of your clients.

Be Proactive

Not just some of the time but all of the time. Companies should never recruit in a rush and should always be one step ahead when it comes to knowing who they will need to hire going forward. They should think about how the company is growing; do departments need to be reduced or added to? Are any people leaving soon? By planning ahead you can have a group of prospects ready and waiting for them when the roles eventually become vacant.

Being an effective recruiter takes hard work, effort and persistence. By making use of our six key tips and ensuring that your clients do the same, you will find that you are working smarter and far more effectively, with the results speaking for themselves.

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