8 Things Every Hiring Manager Is Looking For

8 Things Every Hiring Manager Is Looking For

Understanding what hiring managers want from candidates makes it easier for recruiters to meet their needs. If you know what your hiring managers are looking for, you can give them what they want so that they keep coming back to you again and again. These recruitment tips are essential for hiring managers and are therefore vital for recruiters to focus on too.

1.Relevant Skills and Experience

It might go without saying, but hiring managers want candidates who have the right skills and experience for the job. Using recruitment technology can make it easier to match up candidates to the best roles. However, it’s important to remember that not all hiring managers want to stick to a set list of exact requirements. Other factors could be more of a priority.

2.Knowledge of the Company

Candidates that prepare for a role by researching the company are prepared to do what it takes to get the job. Checking that cover letters and CVs have been tailored for the company is a good first step in vetting candidates, followed by expanding on their knowledge during interviews.

3.Understanding of the Role

Of course, it’s also essential that candidates have an understanding of the role itself. They should know what their duties would entail, but they should also go beyond a surface-level understanding of what they would be doing day-to-day.

4.Enthusiasm for the Role

Anyone can read a job description to understand what a role involves, but finding someone who is excited by the position is more difficult. Hiring managers want you to find candidates who show enthusiasm and drive to get the job done.

5. An Understanding of the Company Culture

Company culture isn’t the same as the facts of the company and what it does. Candidates should understand the company’s values, attitudes, priorities and the workplace atmosphere. This is an important thing to assess if you want to find candidates who will be a good fit.

6. A Personality That Fits the Culture and Team

While understanding the company culture is important, only having an understanding of it is unlikely to be enough. Candidates also need to have a personality and attitude that helps them fit in with the existing company culture.

7.Someone Who Can Think for Themselves

When assessing candidates, someone who is well-prepared and has done their research can impress. However, hiring managers also want to know that candidates are able to think for themselves, and think on the spot. Look for candidates who can go beyond stock answers and come up with answers on their feet.

8.Readiness to Commit

Unless you’re recruiting for a temporary role, hiring managers want you to find them candidates who are prepared to commit to the role. Being thorough when you assess their employment history and ask about their ambitions can help you to identify those who are most likely to settle into a role long-term.

Get to know your hiring managers so that you know what they want. While all hiring managers will have some similar requirements, they have individual wants and needs too.