How to attract millennial talent

With more and more companies looking to attract millennial talent, what are the secrets of success that make them not only join but stay?

Those looking for jobs are now far more likely to be attracted by quality work benefits, with research showing that more than one-third of employees are putting perks at the top of the pile when it comes to saying yes to a new job.

Take a look at the list below where we have put together some of the main benefits that you should consider highlighting in the next job spec you create if you want to find the best talent.

Flexible Hours

This has to be at the top of the list, particularly for those with young families. They will also feel more in control of their working day, knowing they can start and finish when they need to as long as the core hours are met. This often helps with commuting at the same time, avoiding peak traffic and stress.

Career Development

Here ‘growth’ is the key word; millennials are looking to take on board as much knowledge as possible so training and development, scope for promotion and a learning culture can all motivate them to want to join a company. This really is a win-win as they will be motivated whilst the company they are working for benefits from the acquisition and retention of knowledgeable and adept staff.

Social Events

They are working hard so expect to play equally so. Companies should use social or team-building occasions to lure them in and keep them; improve bonding whilst creating an atmosphere of productive play.

Student Loan Repayments

Many millennials will arrive at companies already saddled with a student loan and a large debt so if they provide a scheme that enables them to pay this off much faster, they are going to love them. Research stats show that 76% of students label this as a deciding factor when choosing where to work.

More Holidays

No longer is work seen as being the be-all-and-end-all of life, with millennials wanting time to set aside for play, resulting in less burn-out and a far healthier balance between work and home life. Companies that top up their holiday allowance will see their production rates rise along with their motivation.

Wellbeing Support

This should cover both mental and physical wellness, bearing in mind that when employees are nurtured, they are healthier and happier. Companies should think along the lines of a gym membership, free mental health support or classes at lunchtime (yoga, swimming, art etc.) This way they will be providing a great atmosphere of positivity and the results will be tangible. With millennials being very aware of their own state of well-being, they will be seen as an employer that really cares.

So there you have it. Companies should use these methods or some of their own to attract millennial talent in their direction; that way, they will reap the rewards of bringing on board employees that will boost their company offering and its corporate culture.

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