Attract the best recruiters with high performing technology and automation

Recruitment agencies who want to hire and develop high-performing teams need a tech stack to match that ambition. By investing in tools that help employees thrive in their roles and get the best return on their effort, business owners can create a positive cycle that boosts both attraction and retention.

When we talk about human-technology partnerships in recruitment, the tendency is to think about outcomes, efficiency and bottom-line impact.

And while that’s a hugely important part of the story, it’s not the only angle worth considering.

The technology that an agency invests in for its teams also has a direct influence on the business’s ability to attract and retain top employees, and by extension forms a central part of its Employer Value Proposition.

As agencies worldwide compete for the best recruitment talent on the market, there are some important reasons why technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in the challenge to build great teams.

Want the best candidates? Offer the best tools

The profile of automation technology in the recruitment industry has shifted in recent years, going from ‘nice-to-have’ status to something that top recruiters expect in order to maximise their performance.

Recruiters who are serious about pushing themselves, their results and their earnings to the limit don’t just evaluate the market, culture and incentive plans of potential new employers, but also the tools they’ll be given to work with.

Employers who don’t make the investment in leading productivity tools can scare off tech-savvy applicants (from juniors to super-billers), sending out the signal that they either don’t understand the importance of automation in the modern recruitment industry or aren’t willing to make the investment.

Boast about your tech

As a direct result of this increase in the prominence of tech, more and more agencies are actively promoting their tech stacks in job advertisements and career pages as a way of demonstrating their commitment to giving their teams the best tools available.

This has a double benefit for business owners.

Firstly, it implies a tangible, practical impact on recruiter performance, indicating the increased billings and earnings on offer when joining the company. The rationale is simple – work with better tools, bill more, make more money.

Secondly, it represents an important stance by the company on both technology and reinvestment in general, positioning the business as a modern, tech-driven environment run by a team prepared to make the financial investment in a world-class technology and automation stack.

Get talked about

Technology that directly increases recruiter billings has a knock-on effect on business culture. Word quickly gets out into the market about environments where people are succeeding, growing rapidly, securing promotions and earning great money, leading to more referrals and ‘warm leads’ when it comes to talent acquisition. Many high-growth agencies have benefitted from this market buzz, and often a hyper-efficient tech stack is a key ingredient to the success.

Intelligent automation tools also help rookie recruiters ramp up their performance faster, making it easier and less financially risky to hire high-potential graduates. This in turn widens the available talent pool and increases the option for rapid growth.

Automate the boring bits

Effective technology isn’t just about cranking out extra performance percentage points, it’s also about making sure that people love their jobs.

Tools which reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks for recruiters free up their time to spend on the parts of the role that most of them enjoy the most – engaging with clients, candidates and putting deals together.

Understanding this and giving teams the support of a smart tech stack that compresses the amount of time they spend on low-value activities (replacing them with robotic automation) directly impacts how recruiters experience their work, while simultaneously boosting their output and reward.

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