How to Maintain Motivation in a High Pressured Environment

Figuring out how to create positive office morale can be a challenge. A great way to start is to ensure your employees’ daily needs are being met. Your employees are ultimately your most valuable resource, without them, you wouldn’t have a business – so maintaining employee motivation is crucial to cultivating a successful business! Lead […]

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Efficiency vs Laziness: How to Make the Most of Automation

The term Efficiency is thrown around a lot nowadays, and with the advent of automation in most facets of life it is an increasingly hot topic. Will machines replace people in the end? Will Artificial Intelligence ever become more complex than the human brain? Or most importantly will someone pull their thumb out and finally […]

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3 Questions to ask yourself before sending a candidate CV

As a recruiter your credibility is consistently put to the test anytime you recommend a candidate. When you submit a candidate profile you entrust that it will accurately reflect yours and the candidates abilities and also promote future business from that client. To avoid spending excess time restructuring and editing CVs, as well as preventing […]

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