Efficiency vs Laziness: How to Make the Most of Automation

The term Efficiency is thrown around a lot nowadays, and with the advent of automation in most facets of life it is an increasingly hot topic.

Will machines replace people in the end? Will Artificial Intelligence ever become more complex than the human brain? Or most importantly will someone pull their thumb out and finally build a bot to make me breakfast? These questions (for now) remain unanswered…

One thing we do know, is that automation is already having a huge impact on the recruitment sector. With new products coming out every other month there are a variety of tools for the modern recruiter to use.

With the ever important KPIs and the competitiveness of the industry it is common sense to take advantage of any tool that can make being a successful recruiter easier.

When used in the way intended, these tools can have a huge impact on output turning a struggling consultant into your new top biller and any business owner into the next Steve Jobs.

That being said…

They can also be used to hide behind; this is where we get to the crux of the efficiency vs laziness debate.

Bill Gates is famously quoted as saying ‘Hire a lazy person to do a difficult job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it’. It is one of my favourite quotes, but this sentiment is not to be misunderstood as an opportunity to ONLY do the same amount of work for less effort. I doubt Mr Gates got to where he is today just by doing the minimum of what is required.

That is where the answer to this debate lies. It is the smartest thing you can do to minimise the effort needed to perform a task, but it is then a huge waste to sit back and cruise your way to the same output. The beauty of optimising your efforts is that you then have more of an opportunity to push forward and outperform what you have done previously.

When you bring this back to recruitment, it is a fantastic idea to optimise your processes from sourcing through to placement; but if you don’t raise your expectations at the same time then you are only missing out on the opportunity to top the billings tables.