EngageX Bullhorn

On the 12th of October Sourcebreaker sponsored Engage X Europe. An immersive online event, packed to the rafters with experts sharing their knowledge and some good old fashioned networking for the recruitment industry.

SourceBreaker was lucky enough to sponsor the conference which included keynote speakers, breakout sessions and panel discussions.

Our CRO, Adam Dale, joined a panel of top industry suppliers to discuss ‘Best Business Practices for Maximising ROI: What Partners See from Innovative Agencies’

Basically, what works? And what doesn’t? And how can you grow and succeed in recruitment?

The panel also included Neville James (Cloudcall), Raymond Pennie (Kyloe), and Milly Morris (Bullhorn).

SourceBreaker seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn and other databases to help get more value out of your existing data.

You can easily access candidates hidden in your database and streamline processes, giving you more time for money-making activities instead of admin or endless lengthy searches.