Fantasy football season wrap-up


Back in August 2019 we invited our customers to dust off their digital boots and join the league of leagues – SourceBreaker Fantasy Football League. 

Whether it was just another game for your well-trained team or an opportunity to truly put your (metaphoric) quick feet to the test, we blew the whistle for recruiters across the country to go head to head in the beautiful game. 

As pub tables booked up, beer sales spiked and friendships across the globe were put to the ultimate test, the league kicked off with Liverpool starting as they meant to continue beating Norwich 4-1, a sign of things to come at both ends of the table.

A season like no other, with highlights such as De Bruyne equalling the assist record tally with Theirry Henry Norwich, Bournemouth and Watford going down to the championship, Vardy winning the golden boot with 23 goals – the oldest winner at aged 33, Man City overturning the decision to be banned from Europe and then a global pandemic taking us off the pitch…what we would do as football left our screens!?

After a short heitis, despite empty pubs and games played in eerily quiet stadiums, the games returned with a xxxx as we saw Liverpool ending their 30 year holiday from the summit of English football, cantering to the title faster than any team before them and at one stage holding a near 30 point lead over one of the greatest premiership teams of the era. What a spectacular effort and many congratulations to them.

As each week passed, a new player earned their stripes and a spot in the highly anticipated club taking recruitment everywhere by storm: SourceBreaker FC. 

Now, the final whilst has blown, the scores are in and so it is time to announce who will lift the cup as the winners of the SourceBreaker Fantasy Football League. 


Our 3 top scorers win £300, £150 and £75 amazon vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positions.  

In first place we have… Chris Bongard with his team Eskimo Bro’s FC on a total of 2439 points, and taking home the highly coveted accolade and a £300 voucher. Congrats on being our first place champion for the season!

Our runner up is… Alan Furley with his team Furley’s flyers on a total of 2428 points.

And in third place we have Will Hadley with his team Hadley Hotspurs on a total of 2378 points.


Congratulations on your tremendous season and win! 

Thank you to everyone who took part in this momentous league, certainly not one to forget. Watch highlights from this magnificent season here. [insert hyperlink]

We look forward to inviting you to join us when we return for another season of xxx football in September 2020.

Until then xxx