Find Graduates and Students for free

Students and recent grads these days are incredibly easy to find, you just need to know how to create a handful of simple searches, which we’ll show you
exactly how to do in this post..


Finding Graduates on Facebook

Before running the search, make sure your language is set to English (US) – you can do this by clicking the arrow in the top right and clicking Settings.

Facebook uses natural language as it’s search method. No Boolean in sight I’m afraid.

What does that mean?

Well if you were looking for people who studied Chemical Engineering and graduated in 2014 and live in Houston, you would type exactly that:

People who studied Chemical Engineering and graduated in 2014 and live in Houston

Then just hit enter and when the results pop up, click on the People tab.

Facebook Graduate Search

If you wanted to find people who graduated in a particular year and work in a particular job, you can do that too..

People who graduated in 2013 and work as Business Development Managers and live in United Kingdom

Facebook Graduate Sales Search


Finding Students on Facebook

Facebook is also a hotbed for current University Students. So whether you’re looking for Interns, or pipelining future talent, Facebook is an essential place to look. Again, the search is pretty straightforward.

In this search, we’re going to look for Students who are studying Computer Science and live in California.

Students who are studying Computer Science and live in California

Facebook Graduate Sales Search


Find Students on LinkedIn without using up free searches

LinkedIn have been pushing into the University space for some time and there are 1000s of Students with LinkedIn profiles. Again, whether or not you’re building your pipeline, or looking for interns, you’ll find 1000s of candidates using this method. Best of all, it won’t use up your searches on LinkedIn.

Start off by opening up the free SourceBreaker LinkedIn search engine.

Then, using the more:pagemap:person- technique (you can find more on how that works here), simply add role:student*university as below, and add in your keywords. In this instance we’re searching for Biomedical Sciences students. You can then filter by country

more:pagemap:person-role:student*university “biomedical sciences” -PhD

LinkedIn Student Search


There are lots more techniques you can experiment with to find students and graduates, but this should give you a good step in the right direction. Hope you found this guide useful!