Find leads before other agencies

Decent leads are hard to find. Lucky then that there’s an X-Ray technique to help you find leads that are less likely to have been spotted by other agencies.

Here’s how to get hold of them..

Those of you familiar with X-Ray, will know the inurl: operator. For those that aren’t, putting inurl: before a word ensures that Google will only give you results where that word is found, you guessed it, in the URL.

In this case, we want to find Career pages, so we’ll start off with:


Today, we’re after PHP Developer leads. So we add fairly typical PHP Developer terminology to our search:

PHP AND (Developer OR Programmer OR Engineer)

You don’t need to use AND or Brackets when X-raying as Google ignores them, but while you get your head round how it all works, we recommend you leave them in for now.

We want them to be in the UK, so we’ll throw that in our search as well.

PHP AND (Developer OR Programmer OR Engineer) AND UK

What we definitely don’t want is jobs that have already been hammered by other agencies. So that means excluding any results that come from LinkedIn and Stack Overflow.

PHP AND (Developer OR Programmer) AND UK
-linkedin -stackoverflow

These exclusions will naturally vary dependent on what you’re searching for. As with all X-Ray searches, start simple and then exclude / include dependent on the results you get.

Now what we have is a solid search we can use to find jobs that have been advertised on company websites. This is the first port of call for companies advertising their jobs, before trying their luck on paid sites like LinkedIn.

So if you get the job from the website early, the chances are the client hasn’t already had 1000 agencies speccing in candidates for the job.

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