4 ways to adapt, adjust and thrive in a changing recruitment market

Recruitment is an industry that is constantly changing. From adjusting to transforming sectors and new players entering the market to high demand for newly emerging skill sets. So when it comes to adapting to a sudden shift in the wider market, change is something that recruiters should already be equipped to face.

While in my previous role as a recruiter at G2V Group, I was tasked with building the pharmaceutical mechanical design and automation sectors in Denmark, working throughout the year on a highly niche, brand-new, and BD-driven market.

The market was made more complex as Denmark sees an industry-wide summer shutdown for three weeks in July in line with school holidays. During this time, my normal day to day recruitment processes were made completely redundant.

In fact, for me, this meant gearing up to watch the market stop, – and billings drop – with clients becoming near impossible to actually get a hold of, for weeks at a time, every year.

In my first year in the position, watching my market come to a standstill whilst my colleagues’ continued meant that for three weeks a year, I’d sit back and wait, feeling disadvantaged, inpatient and actually quite bitter.

But much with any obstacle in recruitment, I soon learned to see it as a challenge, a problem to be solved, and ultimately, an opportunity to get ahead in the long term.

In light of this, I’m sharing my top tips on how I adapted to not just continue, but thrive, in changing market conditions during my time at G2V, using SourceBreaker.

Build a pipeline of “platinum” candidates

Whilst acknowledging that billings would drop for a few weeks and clients would become more difficult to get hold of, I soon came to realise that this period meant more time to do the things I otherwise couldn’t.

Crucially, this time became the best three weeks of the year to get hold of those “platinum” candidates, those whose busy schedules meant they were hard to track down for more than a couple of minutes.

These candidates now had plenty of time at home and were more inclined to pick up their phones, meaning I could introduce myself at length, introduce my service and subsequently build a more long-standing rapport.

I also spent a lot of time during this period using the SourceBreaker platform to actually identify those candidates. This additional time I had been given meant I was able to comprehensively understand who were the best candidates much better than I would have ever been able to while working a full 360 recruitment desk

This resulted in me having a list of highly engaged “platinum” candidates ready to take to market once everyone was back, keeping me ahead of the competition.

Get back to hard to fill roles

Every recruiter has a list of not-so-easy-to-fill roles that get put straight to the bottom of the list. After all, any recruiter is going to choose a quick win when given the choice.

A slow down in the market can often be the opportunity to catch up and get to work on those difficult-to-fill jobs. This is when the SourceBreaker platform became my secret weapon as it allowed me to identify the niche candidates the rest of the market were missing.

I found that once these kinds of positions are filled, these are generally the clients that will stand by you the rest of the year as you have really helped them out.

I would recommend any SourceBreaker clients to get in touch with their customer success manager to arrange any additional training on any aspect of the platform over the next couple of months.

Key clients 

Supporting clients can go beyond filling roles. It can be offering them market data, sharing market trends, talking to them about their longer-term plans or just generally providing some of the knowledge you’ve gathered during your time in the market.

This though can be very time-consuming! And in the midst of a full-throttle 360 market be something you don’t have time to do day-to-day. (As much as you want to) I, therefore, spent this downtime creating reports/ emails ready to send to clients when they are back that shared insights with them.

To support you in this, SourceBreaker’s Intel Centre gives you up-to-the-minute insights on news, salaries, funding rounds across any market. This data can be a great starting point the engage hiring managers and really prove your value beyond simply filling jobs.

Differentiate yourself 

During my time at G2V, many of the businesses I was competing with were experiencing the summer shutdown too, meaning that I saw this time as a key opportunity to beat the competition. The additional time and innovative work I was able to do for clients and candidates was what put me ahead for when the market got going again in August.

  • Could you start to package your services into a product offering?
  • Could you fill roles at your clients that would usually sit outside your niche?
  • Could you identify other industries that demand your candidates’ skills?

The reality of any period of change is that some recruiters will bury their head in the sand, meaning that the ones that use the downtime productively and differentiate their offerings will stand out from the crowd more than ever.

While the current market presents recruiters with a host of new challenges, so too does it present a host of new opportunities. Recruitment is one of the fastest-growing and most densely populated industries, meaning the reality is that competition will always be high, regardless of what’s going on in the market.

Taking this time to do the groundwork, build out your candidate lists, understand your market, research, and tap into clients you wouldn’t usually have the time to, is key to keeping productive and making the absolute most of your “downtime”.

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