Fuel Growth with Rookie Recruiters

Agencies who struggle to attract and retain experienced consultants can suffer slow corporate growth – even when client demand is high.

In contrast, recruitment firms who use automation technology to successfully tap into the next generation of talent and help rookie recruiters to thrive can reap big rewards, growing fast and building high-performance teams from the ground up.

Recruitment agencies are built on people, and every ambitious company’s growth plans are governed by how quickly they can scale the teams required to win business and deliver candidates to their clients.

For many business owners, hiring seasoned consultants with previous agency experience feels like a safe path, sidestepping the need to invest in the detailed training required to build recruitment expertise in out-of-industry hires.

But ensuring a continual flow of proven performers – whilst retaining an existing team – is easier said than done, and many firms find their expansion held back by the challenge of hiring experienced consultants quickly enough to meet client demand or deliver on growth forecasts.

With the rise of automation in recruitment, however, agency owners and managers have new toolkit to rapidly develop junior hires, creating a new and much larger talent pool that can fuel fast-pace growth.

A blank slate start

For agencies who run their sales and sourcing processes with high levels of automation technology, rookie recruiters are an ideal option as they join the business with no working patterns or habits to ‘untrain’.

Although experienced consultants can offer valuable experience in managing client and candidates throughout the recruitment cycle, they may also have workflows that they have depended on for many years – and which can be extremely hard to re-engineer with modern recruitment technology.

Embracing automation from the outset

This clean start gives rookies an edge in embracing cutting-edge tools, learning the new technology along with the role itself.

While many later-adopters of recruitment automation tools may wonder how they ever used to do the job without them, new hires will know no other way.

This allows rookies to build their own best-practice workflows around automation technologies, rather than having to bend their way of working to try and accommodate new tools that may not fit intuitively.

For the modern generation of recruitment trainee, automation becomes second nature.

Levelling the playing field

Whereas the quest to find and secure high-performing, experienced consultants can be a long process, pairing rookie recruiters with an advanced recruitment technology stack allows business owners to hire more confidently without conducting a needle-in-a-haystack search.

Knowing that the right automation support will position new consultants to be successful – by automatically matching real-time leads and candidate pipeline – means agencies in growth mode can focus on greener hires with the right core attitudes and ambition levels rather than deep-diving for experience.

With the technology enhancing the consultants’ chances of success, the available talent pool expands significantly – enabling fast-paced agencies to scale their teams and outperform their competition.

A short-cut to upskilling

For a long time in recruitment there was no viable substitute for ‘years in the game’. The tips, tricks and habits of top billers took time to absorb, and it was accepted that consultants wouldn’t hit their stride until several years into their careers.

Disruptive technology, however, is changing the landscape by giving rookie recruiters an immediate view of what ‘excellent’ looks like, seeing from their first days in the industry how hyper-efficient recruiters operate and mirroring these workflows themselves. New hires instantly see how expert searches are run, and how high-performing consultants track market opportunity in real-time, rapidly connecting perfect candidate profiles with hot vacancies faster than their competitors.

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