Go with Your flow: Supercharge Your Day with the Pomodoro Technique

Go with Your flow: Supercharge Your Day with the Pomodoro Technique

Productivity frameworks help shape the way you approach task management and think about getting the most out of each day. There are plenty of ways to integrate productivity frameworks into your day, from using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to the “Eat that Frog” technique, each targeting the various productivity obstacles you’ll face as you go about your day.

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles for us all to hurdle both within our working day and outside it, regardless of industry, is our attention span. Or, lack thereof.

According to researcher Jonathon Schooler, an average mind wanders 15-20% of the time

and actually, a study published by the journal Cognition concluded that the mind “tunes out” when we consistently work on the same project.

Working for long hours ultimately steers our minds towards cognitive boredom, meaning it is simply no wonder that remaining motivated at that point in the afternoon can sometimes feel near impossible.

And it makes sense. As social, emotive beings, humans aren’t really meant to sit in front of a laptop for eight hours a day. Rather, we need new stimuli and new experiences to keep us truly engaged.

So how can we use this information to improve our workflow when working eight hours a day in front of a screen is quite simply an inescapable reality? That’s where the Pomodoro technique comes in.

Widely-used across different sectors, this productivity tactic aims to turn the ongoing tasks that don’t suit our cognitive working tendencies into smaller tasks that do. This means splitting your time into 30-minute segments made up of 25 minutes’ intense concentration and 5 minutes’ break time.

According to Dr. Gazzaley, a neuroscientist, and Dr. Rosen, a psychologist, the technique is said to also aid our motivation, citing that, “from decades of research on learning and behaviour, we know that the shorter the time between reinforcements (rewards), the stronger the drive to complete that behaviour and gain the reward.”

Not only that, but the Pomodoro technique is also said to be a useful tool in decision making, as regular breaks help us work against “decision fatigue”, as well as fight what is perhaps the most feared word in the race for better productivity: procrastination.

After all, setting shorter deadlines makes less time for procrastination, especially if the proverb coined “Parkinson’s Law” is correct: Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. This then also takes the sting out organising successful time management if the Pomodoro technique essentially does it for you.

Particularly popular in the tech world, the Pomodoro technique can be spotted in action in SouceBreaker’s very own office, as Head of Engineering, Jack Shireby explains: “I actively encourage my team, particularly those working in app development, to use the Pomodoro technique as we spend huge amounts of time working on single solitary tasks. The Pomodoro Technique helps us to break this up and remain at our most productive”.

And this is not a tech-specific skill. A recruiter’s day is always hectic and with hours of searching, engaging, meetings and endless admin, separating the day into more digestible chunks is always a good way to go.

If those timings sound a little too rigid, it may also be useful to think of the Pomodoro technique as more of a guideline, ditching the 25 minutes deadline for a time span better suited to your individual tasks. After all, 25 minutes is no magic amount – it’s just much more doable than working for hours on end without a break.

However you choose to break up your day, treating your brain a little more like the social, curious and conscious being it is, rather than a computer in itself, will allow you to give your tasks the time, and care they really need – while doing the same for those all-important snack breaks.

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