Good Recruitment Habits – Getting to Know Your CRM and Candidate Book

Good Recruitment Habits – Getting to Know Your CRM and Candidate Book

Whatever the job, all of us can get more out of what we do through good habits. Whether that’s giving yourself that extra thirty minutes in the morning to start the day on the right foot, or taking a mid-morning tea break to keep your productivity thriving through the afternoon, what we do regularly matters.

In the world of recruitment, the same applies. And since there are plenty of tasks that have to be done repeatedly, every day, the way we go about them can both save time and maximise output.

One example is the way you use your existing candidate book. After all, after trawling through CVs and reviewing candidates – why waste the work you’ve already done?

Making the most of this your existing candidate book can really pay off. And it shows – top performers are those who continually revisit recent searches and candidate screens to find possibilities to make new introductions from existing contacts, leveraging the detailed knowledge they have of individual skills, motivations and interests to make matches.

Doing this not only gets more out of the work you’ve already done, but it will also free up your time considerably. This is not only because you’ve spent less time posting on job boards and getting to know new candidates, but you’ll also be able to match potential candidates to roles much quicker (since you already know them) and you’ll also be able to run quick searches over your own database.

All in all, expanding your search can be a good thing for a tough-to-fill role – but starting with what you know is a good tip for us all.

When it comes to making them most out what you already have, perhaps one of the most frustrating and unproductive problems in recruitment is when recruiters don’t make the most of their CRM.

CRM and ATS platforms are built to make the lives of recruiters much easier – but many recruiters use them for just a tiny percentage of their full capabilities. Not only do CRMs store CVs and record basic KPI activity, but there is also a range of time-saving features that can both reduce the duration of repetitive tasks and build systems to create new opportunity.

The candidate experience is vital to any recruiter’s success, so taking them time to learn the full potential of your core recruitment platform really can open up a whole new world of time-saving.

If you’re only scraping the surface of your CRM and are yet to get to grips with the wider platform, taking the time to refresh your memory, or get some extra training larger platform could really deliver a significant amount of productivity back to your day in the long term.

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