How to find Hiring Managers who have just started new jobs

Job leads that are posted across the job boards and LinkedIn are hammered by consultants within minutes of going live.

So getting ahead of the game, and sourcing leads that haven’t been found by other recruiters is undeniably of great value.

Here, we’ll show you a quick and easy way to find hiring managers that have just started new jobs. More often than not, these people will soon be recruiting themselves.

We’ll start by talking about the new and incredibly accurate way to X-Ray that we discovered to give you perfect results, every time. You can find out more about how this works in our complete guide.

In this example, we’re going to look for a senior IT professional.

Start by entering the keywords that indicate a hiring role:


Then, the keywords you’d expect to form the other part of their title – such as:


Combining the two like this…


will give you the equivalent Boolean search of (Manager OR Director OR VP OR President OR Head) AND (Technology OR IT)

So now we want to zero in on candidates who have just started new roles.

We do this by finding the keywords that indicate someone has just started a new job on LinkedIn:

linkedin new job

It’s February 2015, so we want hiring managers who started either this month or last. This is how that will look:

“January OR February 2015 * Present”

What this is saying is “give me profiles that have either January 2015 or February 2015 within 5 words of Present”.

That’s all we need so we can put our search together in it’s entirety now…

“January OR February 2015 * Present”

Not sure about the logic of the above? Talk to us about training on how to use X-Ray search and then come back to this post as it uses some advanced Google search operators!

If you just want to take the method and run then go for it, all you need to change are the months as time passes so that you’re always picking up newly moved hiring managers.

Happy hunting!