How you can improve candidate loyalty

It’s common knowledge that Recruitment is a candidate-led market and there are a number of good Agencies out there, so when you come across a top quality candidate in search of a new role, securing their buy-in should be your number one priority.

If they’ve ever worked with Recruiters before, there’s a strong chance they’ll have preconceived ideas about the way our industry works. By taking the opportunity to delve a bit deeper, it will be easier to gain the candidates trust and loyalty.

Let them know they are unique

A simple way to obtain a candidates loyalty from the outset is to begin your interactions with them by explaining why you personally feel they are unique and will be a valuable to asset to any company you put them forward to work for. This will allow you to begin building a bond with the candidate and help to get them on board with your recruiting efforts. By you spotting their potential and instilling in them that you will work closely with them to ensure they get placed in a suitable role, acquiring their trust will be guaranteed.

Don’t make promises you cannot keep

Don’t promise the world in order to get a candidate’s initial interest if you know you will not be able to deliver on those promises. This point is key in keeping your candidate engaged with you during their job hunt. While it is vital to get them excited and inspired for the open vacancies you have available, you should always be seeking to manage expectations to prevent potential disappoint. Should you fail to do so, it will only paint you in a negative light and erode trust and create frustration. It could also lead to negative word of mouth being spread and prevent you from attaining future referrals.

Let them know you are reliable

Show them that you have their best interests at heart and will go the extra mile in helping them with their job search. Convince them that it is in both of your best interests to secure a job that they would be right for. Let them know, if they aren’t already aware that you are a Recruitment Agency and are therefore someone they can always rely on to take the hassle away from their job search should they need placing in the future.

Always lend a helping hand

If an opportunity to assist a candidate should arise be sure to take it even if it is not something that will directly benefit you.
By simply being helpful you will set your agency apart from the rest and you could well bank that goodwill for later as you will be recommended to new job seekers by impressed candidates. Unfortunately not many companies will go out of their way to help a candidate if they can’t foresee the immediate advantage to them – this is short sighted as a little extra personal effort could ultimately secure you a wealth of referrals in the future.

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