Introducing SourceBreaker 2.0

Introducing SourceBreaker 2.0

Since inception 5 years ago, SourceBreaker has helped recruiters outperform the market by identifying more of the best talent in less time. Within a year, we were matching that additional talent with live opportunities, providing recruiters with multiple opportunities to place every one they found. 

Continuing our vision to transform the way recruiters work through constantly innovating and developing our platform to provide amazing value to our customers, we are incredibly excited to announce the release of SourceBreaker 2.0. 

What’s new?

2.0 – rebuilt from the ground up

We’ve invested a huge amount of time and energy into creating a high-performance platform with stunning visuals and an easy to use user experience. Our new 2.0 platform means that users are able to identify candidates and leads faster than ever. This also means we can continue to seamlessly add more products, such as our industry first Intel Centre.

Search and Match 

Our flagship Search and Match products have been greatly enhanced, with our search algorithms optimised to work faster, deliver more top quality candidates and double the number of live employer leads. 

Intel Centre – an industry first Market Intelligence product

The Intel Centre arms recruiters with up-to-the-minute information on any market and skill. This empowers highly informed conversations and positions you as a knowledgeable industry expert, even if you have never before placed that particular skillset or worked in that industry. 

Every recruiter now not only has access to the best talent and matching opportunities at the click of a button, but you can now better inform and influence candidates and hiring managers.

The Intel Centre has a number of key elements to help recruiters make more placements, each adding significant value to the process:

We’ve partnered with another pioneer in recruitment technology, working closely with Darren and the team at Paiger to provide up-to-the-minute news on any sector, skill or company, empowering more informed conversations with both hiring managers and candidates.

Salary Trends
Better influence hiring managers with up to the minute salary trends over the past 12 months on any skill set. Speak to candidates and hiring managers with a deep understanding of not just current salaries, but how they have changed over the last 12 months. 

Funding Data
Understand the history of a company with information on its funding history. Target fast-growth companies who are more likely to need the support of recruiters and have the funding to hire high-quality talent quickly and in high volumes. 

Contact Details
Discover and validate the correct email format of a prospect instantly, speeding up your business development efforts. 

The Intel Centre is available as an upgrade to all clients, please get in touch to find out how.

Launching SourceBreaker 2.0 is a huge advancement for our users and we are incredibly excited to see the platform continue to improve productivity and revenue per recruiter globally.

Steve and Adam