How to Maintain Motivation in a High Pressured Environment

Figuring out how to create positive office morale can be a challenge. A great way to start is to ensure your employees’ daily needs are being met. Your employees are ultimately your most valuable resource, without them, you wouldn’t have a business – so maintaining employee motivation is crucial to cultivating a successful business!

Lead by example

The easiest way to build trust among your staff is to lead by example. If your employees feel all the pressure is continuously placed on them rather than being shared with management then any respect for authority will soon disappear.

Regular Rewards

Remember to reward your employees for their ongoing efforts. Receiving praise for one-off events can sometimes have the opposite of the desired effect if they feel their continuous dedication goes unnoticed and they are under appreciated. Providing more consistent and positive feedback for efficiently carrying out their weekly tasks and meeting deadlines will also go a long way.

Refresh and Refocus

Allowing your employees the flexibility to take an occasional break will help to make them feel re-energized, reduce stress levels and give them time to refocus on the task at hand. Taking regular breaks can be beneficial to workplace morale.

Team Socials

When the office mood is low an easy way to lighten it can be to incorporate team building events into the mix. This gives team members a chance to bond outside of the pressures of the daily office environment and bring newly formed relationships back with them with the ultimate goal being to create a more cohesive team.

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