Maximise your RecTech Investment with the SourceBreaker Academy

Maximise your RecTech Investment with the SourceBreaker Academy

Offering optimal customer service, facilitating growth, and championing innovation are core components of SourceBreaker’s offering and are key to keeping pace with industry changes, so we can continue to help you save time and ensure you get the right training in the way you need it.

Following Popular Demand…

Our highest priority is helping our customers attract and engage candidates at record speeds, and retain top talent by ensuring they have the tools to succeed and remain competitive at all times.

That’s why we’ve made training and onboarding even easier and considerably more accessible!

Introducing the SourceBreaker Academy

The SourceBreaker Academy delivers a curated selection of online training sessions dedicated to upskilling SourceBreaker knowledge — ensuring users are fully informed on how best to leverage each and every platform feature.

There you will be able to watch free training videos, boost your platform knowledge and demonstrate to clients and candidates your ability to deliver outstanding results when using SourceBreaker.

The SourceBreaker Academy is included as part of the SourceBreaker offering and comes in conjunction with the support of our industry-leading Customer Success team, so you can be certain you’re getting the most out of your investment.

The Academy as a Valuable Training Resource

Designed to keep your teams trained on and up-to-date with the latest SourceBreaker features, the Academy also provides you with:

  • A curated self-directed learning platform
  • Additional support to help you leverage the platform for maximum impact
  • Advanced best-practises for using the SourceBreaker tool — ensuring your workflows perform optimally in today’s data-driven world

Secure Your Spot In The Academy

Interested in becoming part of the SourceBreaker family? Want to find out more about SourceBreaker and how we can add maximum value to all of your recruitment workflows? Click the button below to book a demo!

We’ll be continuously updating and adding to our course content, so stay tuned and keep a look out for any resources and insightful blogs we’ll soon be sharing.

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