Members Only Webinar

Our CRO Adam Dale will be doing a webinar with Member’s Only on the 25th of November at 11am. This is free for those who are part of the Member’s Only network, so secure your place now.


Workshop: Gain a competitive edge, supercharge your search


With 48% of recruiters making mistakes in their searches, only a fraction of total candidate pools are being unlocked. However, with simple search adjustments, recruiters can significantly increase their candidate pools and gain a competitive advantage.

Join my 30 minute interactive workshop, where I will take you through some of my top tips to supercharge your search, with the tools you already use.

Key takeaways:

– Understand common mistakes and where recruiters go wrong in their searches
– How to gain access to larger pools of quality candidates
– Simple but effective time saving adjustments
– How to gain a competitive advantage