Pinpoint Developers at specific companies on Github

Along with breathing, eating and occasionally sleeping, sourcing on Github is among a Tech Recruiter’s most vital tasks.

Searching for Developers at specific companies with 100% accuracy used to be quite tricky. So we thought we’d make life easier for you tech sourcers.

Previously, we’ve shown you how to use our new X-Ray technique and apply it to sourcing on LinkedIn. Here we’ll show you how to make use of it on Github.

First up, you need to open our free Github Sourcing Tool.

Using the same more:pagemap:person- technique, with Github you add worksfor: and then immediately after, with no space in between, you add the company name you’re looking to find talent at.

So if you were looking to find Developers at Google, you’d search:


There’s plenty of Developers at Google, so you’ll likely want to narrow down accurately by their location. You can do this too, but in a slightly different way to how we do it when searching LinkedIn.

more:pagemap:person-worksfor:Google more:pagemap:person-homelocation:San*Francisco

In case you’re not familiar (you can familiarise yourself here), the asterisk operator acts as AND with this technique – no quotation marks or traditional Boolean operators allowed.

Now that we’ve narrowed down to company and location, we can start adding our keywords to our search. When sourcing Github, you never need to search words like Developer or Programmer, as pretty much everyone on Github is a Developer. So just add in your keywords and hit Search.

more:pagemap:person-worksfor:Google more:pagemap:person-homelocation:San*Francisco JavaScript Ruby

If there are a range of companies you want to search for these skills, just place a comma after Google, and add in another company (no spaces, ever).

more:pagemap:person-worksfor:Google,Apple more:pagemap:person-homelocation:San*Francisco JavaScript Ruby

So there it is, a quick and if you follow the guide, simple way to target Developers at specific companies. Happy sourcing!