The Pursuit of Productivity – 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Day

The Pursuit of Productivity – Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Day

The qualities that separate a good recruiter from the bad are plenty. And, whilst this is true, the question of whether a recruiter is able to keep up with their extensive workload and stay ahead of the curve each day regardless of talent is really dependent on one question: how’s your productivity?

The ability to work productively is the ability to produce maximum output for every minute of the day; a skill desirable in every job in every business. But that of course doesn’t mean typing as quickly as you possibly can while simultaneously attempting to complete multiple other tasks. Rather, being productive means fully utilising the tools and techniques available to you to improve the output your talent and skill is capable of producing.

With that in mind, the pursuit of perfect productivity is one with multiple hurdles. To make things a little clearer, we can separate these into three groups. These include…

Productive Frameworks:

Productivity Frameworks are strategies that can be used for effective overall time management and personal organisation. These are useful for shaping the way you approach task management, amidst a busy workflow.

Templates & Automation:

Utilising templates and automation systems is an invaluable technique in getting the most out of your  communication and minimising your repetitive tasks. After all, there are plenty of ways to make the constant stream of information coming to and from your desktop a little more organised.


Setting good habits across your working week is not only a good way to work productively, but is also a great way to making working productively come naturally to you. Habits are all about strategies to keep your focussed and sharpen your skills.

Over the following weeks, we’ll be digging into these three categories, as well as further productively tips, trips and testimonials, to uncover the ways we can boost productivity and ultimately, keep the deals flowing.

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SourceBreaker’s Recruitment Productivity Hacks offers a conclusive guide to help you supercharge output, drive revenue and deliver a high-value service with maximum efficiency, everyday. This includes:

1. Productivity Frameworks – A closer look at multiple popular strategies for effective overall time management & personal organisation.

2. Templates & Automation – Our guide to templates and automation to get the most out of your communication and minimise your repetitive tasks.

3. Habits of Super Recruiters – The workday habits to get the most out of everything you do and change the way you work to get maximum results.

4. Productivity Toolbox – A guide to the up-to-date tech tools you need to upturn your team’s overall efficiency.

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