Qualities of a top Recruiter

Spend time analysing any top recruiters and you will quickly discover they each share several things in common.

Here is a set of specific qualities that can be found in all the best recruiters to help you improve your daily recruiting activities.

1) Influencing skills

Experienced recruiters take the time to thoroughly vet their candidates and pinpoint their positive aspects in order to have the best chance of influencing their hiring managers decisions.

Building your negotiation skills is key to making more placements and ensuring you backup your selections with as many hard facts as you can find is crucial.

Having multiple candidates in your database is all well and good, but you will not be able to place any of them unless you are able to fine tune your ability to convince companies to hire them.

2) Personalisation

They understand the power of a personalised approach around each job role and know which candidates to promote to certain managers.

3) Confidence

A key aspect of a successful recruiter is their ability to maintain a level of confidence about themselves, as well as the services they provide to their clients, organisations and candidates.

4) Multi-tasking

Dealing with multiple companies and candidates is part of the course and can be a handful, but experienced recruiters find processes to navigate their busy schedules and keep up to date with each of the details from the various jobs and candidates.

They are intuitive taking time to track candidates career moves and find matching job leads to ensure they have the best chance of closing any future deals prior to their competition.

5) Communication & networking skills

Strong communication skills are vital to networking and building a rapport with the various clients and candidates recruiters interact with on a daily basis. Experienced recruiters ensure they listen carefully, so that they can add value for their customers and guarantee their future successes.

6) Resilience

Part of recruiting is facing knock-backs, but in order to succeed top recruiters recognise the need for resilience. They are courageous and are able to overcome disappointments.

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