A Recruiters guide to social media

The vast majority of candidates are aware that along with their CVs their social media profiles will also be up for scrutiny when job searching.

However, just as you would be likely to search for their social media accounts there is a good chance that they will be doing the same to you and your company, so it’s important that you consider what image you are projecting.

Aim to maintain a positive tone in your social media posts, we all have off days, but don’t let them be reflected on your social media accounts. Be professional and post relevant and insightful content that will inspire your followers and potential candidates, creating a strong online presence.

Be consistent across social media, other social interactions and company branding. Profile pictures can be fun and friendly on Facebook and Twitter, but remember to keep it professional on LinkedIn. Recognise the difference in tone between the various platforms and try to strike a good balance between them.

Make use of Facebook’s privacy options and change your settings so you are notified when anyone tags a photo or post of you and you can pre-approve it prior to it appearing on your timeline, to ensure the content is appropriate. You might be careful in protecting your online image, but others might not be so cautious, so this helpful hack will eliminate any future embarrassing photos or posts being made public before it’s too late. A potential candidate may be looking at your profile to research you and your agency.

This should go without saying, as a recruiter you don’t want candidates to see bad behaviour so refrain from speaking negatively about your employer or colleagues. It can be very tempting to voice your opinions after a bad day at work, but there is a strong chance that someone you don’t want to will see it.

Some top tips for posting online:

– Be mindful of what content you are publishing, as your digital footprint will come back to haunt you if you aren’t careful
– Keep posts insightful and relevant to showcase your personality in a positive light
– Use your accounts as tool to extending your reach to potential candidates, you want them to engage with you so ensure your content is enticing

The golden rule when posting anything is ‘Think before you post’ take 2 minutes before you post to think who is going to see it and how they may react to it.