Founded in 1999, TEC Partners is a Norfolk-based specialist technical recruitment agency offering a breadth of talent solutions to the IT, Engineering & Scientific sectors. To fuel growth, TEC needed a technology solution to significantly reduce time to revenue for new hires, while also continuing to outperform their competition with increased speed to market.


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Technology, Gaming, Engineering & Scientific

The beauty of SourceBreaker is that it’s so simple. It lets us get new hires up to speed fast, delivering high quality work at scale.


Operating in technical markets such as engineering, manufacturing and a range of scientific sectors, TEC was looking to invest in a solution to help reduce the time new rookie recruiters spent getting up to speed and generating revenue.

New hires had previously taken a long time to learn multiple technology platforms, and struggled to build effective, reliable workflows when continually switching between tools and browser tabs.

“SourceBreaker is a tool we use on a daily basis. We feed it into the training for new recruiters, and it becomes a daily occurrence from day one.”


SourceBreaker’s integrations with TEC’s Vincere CRM and multiple job boards gave rookies a single place to work, staying within their CRM environment whilst searching for candidates across all their available sources. 

As Sophie Pulford, Talent & Development Manager, explains “for recruiters with zero experience, keeping the user within the CRM is really helpful. SourceBreaker is a tool we use on a daily basis. We feed it into the training for new recruiters, and it becomes a daily occurrence from day one.”

Part of SourceBreaker’s value came from the way it encouraged new recruiters to quickly adopt best-practice workflows – not only uncovering high quality candidates from within the CRM and third-party job boards, but consistently shortlisting them directly to jobs and making sure fresh CVs were always added to the database. 

“The beauty of SourceBreaker is that it’s so simple,” explains Pulford. “It lets us get new hires up to speed fast, delivering high quality work at scale. Adding candidates to the system, shortlisting them to jobs – it makes it super easy, it’s all just a one-click process”.


TEC has grown a young team rapidly, with over £100,000 of placements attributed to the SourceBreaker platform and the system embedded as a core daily step in rookie’s workflows.

So much of the value comes from the work SourceBreaker does in the background. You set it up, fine tune it, and then it does the work for you.


In a highly competitive market sector, TEC needed to ensure that their recruiters developed and leveraged a meaningful advantage over other agencies. This meant using their data and resources more intelligently to react faster to market demands, increasing speed to market and outperforming their competitors.


SourceBreaker accelerated recruiter workflows by allowing them to work within a single platform, connected their additional information sources. 

“Our recruiters love how SourceBreaker interacts with both our CRM and LinkedIn,” explains Pulford. “They’re our two most important data sources, so having them work together through SourceBreaker is invaluable.”

SourceBreaker also helped TEC gain additional value from their existing data, as well as new. “So often recruiters mean to add brilliant candidates to the system but then forget about them, or forget to shortlist them for jobs. Thanks to SourceBreaker, those key process steps just happen automatically. It’s made a huge impact on our candidate regeneration and our speed to matching candidates we already know with new opportunities.” 

SourceBreaker’s SourceBot automation also allowed Pulford and the management team to ensure that every recruiter across the business was alerted immediately to every new placeable candidate in their specialist markets. 

“As recruiters we have so many information sources, so being able to trust that the SourceBots in the background will let you know of any new candidate to the market makes sure you never miss out. It does a lot of the work for you, and makes life so much easier.”


Recruiters across the TEC team developed a robust, scalable workflow centred around the SourceBreaker platform, using a single technology to manage their candidate pipeline and sourcing processes. Teams were able to find and shortlist candidates faster, while raising levels of consistency in their work and building a valuable database for future assignments and other recruiters across the business.

“Without the SourceBreaker and Vincere integration, we’d have a slower, staggered process just to get to the same place – and we’d probably miss some important steps along the way.”


Supported by SourceBreaker’s Customer Success team, Pulford and her team successfully onboarded graduate and inexperienced recruiters, reducing their time to revenue and standardising a range of best-practice methodologies which have allowed the team to scale confidently.

Their investment in SourceBreaker has generated a six-figure ROI, and allowed them to derive enhanced returns from across their broader technology stack – from CRM to job boards and premium LinkedIn licensing.

Working with SourceBreaker’s Customer Success team has been great. They’re responsive, helpful, and always just an email or a phone call away.