Sourcebreaker Re-brand

In 2013 our original vision was to ……

In 2016 by popular demand we added in our job leads feature, enabling recruiters to identify more bd opportunities.

In 2018 when then pushed this forward to not only find candidates and jobs but to automate the search and match process.

Five years into the journey, our vision is to xxxxxx what we want to achieve with the product is xxxxxx. (We’ve now evolved the product offering, whilst maintaining our key focuses of increasing the number of candidates that recruiters are able to identify.)

2019 was a year of building the foundations for what was ahead. We increased staff headcount by xx%, which allowed us to do is to build a development team that is going to be able to execute on new product ideas and features even faster than previously, fitting in with our vision to always be pushing the technology forward and always being the most innovating piece of tech for the recruitment market.

Now in 2020, we want to not only equip recruiters with the ability to find and match candidates and jobs but have informed conversations with them allowing them to differentiate themselves in the market.

We are really looking forward to what this year has in store for the business as we start to push into new markets. This will include launching into the US market, having already developed a foothold through our UK partners that have a US presence, we will be setting up our base in Boston.

As a business, we have matured and grown the product offering over the years and so we wanted to refresh our identity to one that represents the maturity of our brand and unifying this with where we as a business and the product is now.

Our new identity [insert info on logo, colours, website.]

We hope everyone loves the new brand as much as we do. Over the coming days, we are excited to be revealing the hard work that’s has been going on in the background to bring you a product that ….. we hope you like the new brand, watch this space for further announcements this week.

Steve Beckitt and Adam Dale