SourceBreaker x Vincere

After many long months of collaborative development, SourceBreaker and Vincere developed a robust integration between the two platforms, allowing recruiters to use the full power of SourceBreaker natively within their Vincere CRM.

To highlight the integration’s full impact, SourceBreaker’s co-founder and CRO Adam Dale demonstrated the potential of automated workflows across the two platforms together with Vincere’s co-founder and Director of Growth, Eloise Sutton-Kirby.

About Vincere: Vincere is the modern OS purpose-built for recruitment & staffing agencies worldwide, delivering a single tech platform to streamline the front, middle & back office operations of Exec Search/Perm/Contract/Temp businesses.


What is the most exciting thing about the integration between the two systems?

Eloise: The SourceBreaker x Vincere integration – was a long time cooking! It was a big project that required deep technical work.

The most exciting aspect is that the technology partnership allows recruiters to get even more value out of the two systems by linking them together.

This lets recruiters do three important things:

  1. Run smarter, deeper searches across data they already have inside Vincere, unearthing high-quality candidates buried in the system
  2. Search external databases and job boards to bring in candidates and job leads using automation and AI-matching
  3. Inject job leads straight into Vincere

They’re powerful, time-saving workflows that directly generate additional revenue.

Adam: As technology companies, we want to ‘get out of the way’ of our own tech. That means not having users spend hours in the tools we build, but letting them get in and out quickly and spend their time talking to new candidates and clients.

The Vincere integration unlocks some really powerful workflows which save recruiters huge amounts of time and increase their revenue-generation potential.

It’s also a very, very deep integration. We connected data right down to the level of candidate ownership and source, so businesses can not only see what’s happening in each system, but also see how users are working across the platforms with fully matched-up reporting.

What’s an example of an integrated workflow?

Adam: There are tons of ways in which the integration allows recruiters to work across the two platforms – a good example is searching for candidates and then flipping that search into ‘business development mode’.

The steps are simple:

  1. Recruiters use SourceBreaker’s search-builder natively inside Vincere to run powerful searches across keywords, skills and industries, and review all of their candidates from all sources in a single list – this includes their Vincere CRM and their external sources.

They can add candidates from job boards to Vincere with a click, pulling through an enriched profile straight into the database. They can also easily see any candidates from job boards who are already in their CRM.

  1. Once their search is complete and they’ve placed the role, any great candidates they uncover but don’t place can quickly pivot to become leads. Recruiters just click ‘search leads’ in SourceBreaker and can scan live jobs directly posted by relevant companies looking for similar candidates – including company profile information such as company website and contact info, how long ago the job was posted and a live link to view all the company’s other published jobs.

With a quick click they can add the lead to Vincere, pre-populating a job lead in the CRM that pulls though the lead data and creates a company record if it doesn’t already exist within Vincere.

Recruiters then save both the candidate search and lead search with SourceBreaker ‘SourceBot’ technology, receiving automated alerts every time new candidates or leads come on the market that match.

What are the key advantages for Vincere and SourceBreaker customers?

Eloise: SourceBreaker and Vincere already have a lot of mutual customers, ranging from independent and boutique firms to high-growth agencies and large multi-nationals.

The integration lets customers get better value from their investments in either platform by fully connecting both workflows and reporting.

For example, businesses can use Vincere’s Intelligence analytics platform to report on candidate and job lead sources to evaluate ROI.

Any data originating from SourceBreaker is dual-tagged as SourceBreaker and the end source (e.g. CV-Library, Totaljobs etc.), so business owners can clearly see the impact and ROI from SourceBreaker but also separate out the performance of any individual candidate or lead source, all from inside Vincere.

Adam: The most successful recruitment businesses run on data.

It’s crucial that any data recruiters are finding – whether on candidates, companies, leads or market trends and news – is all pushed into their CRM to become their ‘one source of truth’.

The integration between SourceBreaker and Vincere makes it easy and intuitive for uses to add all of their data into the CRM so that business leaders can see and report on it.

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