The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up Part 2

The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up Part 2

Part Two – Tools

The latest excerpt from the SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up examines what technology, resources and infrastructure can accelerate the new-hire ramp process.


With so much hard work being done to ensure a productive initial employment period, your agency needs the right tools in place to support the process.

Technology can help improve, automate and analyse core aspects of business operations, and a high-performance tech stack can have a major impact on how quickly your new recruits start delivering results.

When it comes to technology, focus on:

  • Database & CRM
    • As the backbone of your agency, is your database and & CRM platform set up to encourage intuitive use by new hires?

Wherever possible, look for ways to streamline your platform’s setup, paring it down to the core information and functionality your team really needs to succeed.

The more confusing and intimidating the interface is, the less likely new hires will engage with it – and bad habits will soon develop (like working from inboxes and keeping personal Excel files of clients and candidates).

It’s also worth checking with your platform provider that you’re taking advantage of every available integration, shielding your team from time-consuming data entry as much as possible by linking your systems together.

  • Candidate Search
    • Do your tools make it easy for new hires to find top candidates fast?

Technology should enable new starters to run effective searches and uncover top profiles as quickly as possible – and if this means weeks of slowly learning to build complex Boolean strings or memorise lists of niche-market company names, don’t expect rapid results.

SourceBreaker’s search technology offers an end-to-end solution, using Machine Learning to help new recruiters build detailed and accurate search strings without experience, and then running these searches across internal databases and external job boards with a single click.

The platform then matches top candidate profiles with online job postings from startups, SMEs and multi-nationals, giving new starters multiple opportunities to place top profiles and generate maximum ROI from every search.

  • Collaboration
    • Do new employees have a platform to learn from news and ideas across your agency?

Whether it’s hot candidate profiles, recent market news or the cold email that led to a big client win, sharing information throughout your business is an effective way to distribute knowledge and build a thriving culture.

This is especially important for new hires, who are not only looking to learn as quickly as possible but will also want to understand how your agency communicates internally.

Purpose-built communication platforms such as Yammer, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook are just some of the thousands of tools available to facilitate idea-sharing, brainstorming and collaboration, but even simple things like email groups and shared Google drives can be effective.

Get the full guide

SourceBreaker’s complete Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up covers all aspects of a comprehensive recruiter onboarding program, including:

  1. Preparation – what needs to be ready for the new employee before they arrive, to give them the maximum chance of success?
  2. Tools – what technology, resources and infrastructure can accelerate the process?
  3. Goals – what are the objectives and KPIs that guide the ramp-up period, for the new hire, manager and the business?
  4. Incentives – what’s in place to motivate new hires to deliver results fast?
  5. Coaching – what input do new employees need to get off to a quick start?