The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up Part 3

The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up Part 3

Part Three – Goals

The latest excerpt from the SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up looks at the objectives and KPIs that guide the ramp-up period for the new hire manager and the business.


Goal-setting for new hires is a vital part of creating a framework for success, and often simply working towards a sales target is not enough.

While experienced recruiters might be comfortable aiming at a basic revenue objective, less tenured hires will need (and appreciate) some additional guiderails.

Also, if experienced recruiters fail in hitting their revenue goal, it’s important to have some supporting metrics to help analyse what went wrong and where improvements can be made.

When defining your ramp-up goals, keep in mind:

  • Choose synergistic KPIs – the purpose of ramp-up KPIs is to help new recruiters focus on building a base of activity that positions them towards reaching an overall revenue target.

As such, any KPIs you choose (CVs submitted, new jobs registered, candidate meetings etc.) should work together to push harmoniously in the same direction.

There’s little value in assigning goals which don’t interrelate just for the sake of creating ‘activity’ – the result can be confusing, and leave new hires frustrated or lacking direction.

  • Make them realistic – often new hires can be working very differently from the rest of your team during initial weeks (either focused heavily on candidate sourcing or sales activities), which can make it hard to use the wider company’s metrics as a guide-point for establishing KPIs.

Nevertheless, it sets everyone up for a fall if the goals set for new starters have been plucked from thin air, and turn out to be unattainable.

Better to start with lower expectations and raise the bar than create an atmosphere of failure in the all-important first few weeks.

  • Don’t overdo it – once you have the bit between your teeth and start out designing a goal framework for new hires, the temptation is to set a quota for every activity type from outbound dial to LinkedIn profile views.

Take care not to drown new hires with overwhelming KPIs – they need space to think for themselves and to concentrate on the metrics that really matter.

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SourceBreaker’s complete Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up covers all aspects of a comprehensive recruiter onboarding program, including:

  1. Preparation – what needs to be ready for the new employee before they arrive, to give them the maximum chance of success?
  2. Tools – what technology, resources and infrastructure can accelerate the process?
  3. Goals – what are the objectives and KPIs that guide the ramp-up period, for the new hire, manager and the business?
  4. Incentives – what’s in place to motivate new hires to deliver results fast?
  5. Coaching – what input do new employees need to get off to a quick start?