This is the best recruitment tool available in 2022

Your mind is an absolute weapon.

And not the kind of blunt instrument you might use to ram open a door, or club a spider to death, crying atop a nearby sofa.

No no, your mind’s a high-powered, all conquering, incisive and intelligent weapon. And yours is one of the best going. You already know this though.

You’ve got this far in life virtually all on your own. You make more calculations in a day than even the most high-powered super computers, and you make them all whilst making even bigger decisions like what you should have for lunch.

Within this super powered brain of yours, you have various different components which allow you to excel in your day job as a recruiter.

You’ve got the rapport building department. Full of gregarious, outgoing brain cells who just love a chinwag.

Down the hall to the left is the humour department. They love a laugh in there. Sometimes to the detriment of meaningful work. But often in aid of it.

There’s your concentration department up on Floor 4. They make sure you get the job done when humour take the piss.

There’s lots and lots of very affable divisions, all working seamlessly to make up the powerhouse you call your mind.

And in recruitment, it’s the best weapon you’ve got.

Would you fix your own boiler?

Probably not huh?!

Even the keenest of DIY’ers hesitate to venture on to this sticky wicket. And that’s ’cause it’s a pretty dangerous activity.

In a similar way, there are some jobs, even devoid danger, which you won’t do yourself.

You might have a cleaner, for example?

That’s because that meaty brain of yours has worked out you get paid more than a cleaner. And so, you’re better off sticking to your job and paying someone else to dust your countless fine-bone China cat figurines.

Don’t have a cleaner?

Then swap in the same analogy for plumber, mechanic, electrician or depending on how the commission’s been this month… personal shopper.

There are some jobs you deem ‘simply not worth it’. Or, those where the practitioner is just more skilled than you.

OK, you might be able to change a tyre. But you probably wouldn’t change a head gasket.

You might know your way around a fuse box. But you’re not likely to re-wire your entire house.

And so, let’s take this analogy further and suggest there are almost certainly parts of your job you could be farming out, right this very second.

Admin takes many forms

Life admin’s a bore isn’t it?

More often than not admin consists of small, utterly laborious tasks. But I’d argue, by and large, job admin’s even worse.

Only, you’re being paid for it, so it’s one of those things you perhaps don’t question as much.

And you’re probably taken care of for the most part. You might chase the odd invoice. You might do the odd bit of marketing, or advertise your own jobs.

But I bet you don’t buy your own stationery.

On a bigger level, this is how people build businesses. There’s a famous, probably wrongly attributed, quote from Steve Jobs, which basically says: hire great people and get TF out their way.

That might not be the exact wording. But you should be doing the same thing with your job right now.

And the hardest part of your job… the part you can’t get tech to do, is the thing your brain’s incredibly good at. The rapport part. The chatty part. The one which makes the person on the end of the phone smile.

Robots, AI, technology… they’re not very good at jokes. Or building relationships.

Everything else? They’re pretty darn good. So employ them, and get TF out their way.


You should however be doing a little bit of checking up on these bots. Making sure they’re cutting the mustard.

It shouldn’t, for example, take you longer than 3 seconds to add a CV to your database.

And how responsive is that database? How well does it compare to others? When was the last time you critically analysed LinkedIn recruiter?

Are all the job boards you’re using paying off? Searching them takes time. And time is money. There‚Äôs no more pertinent industry for that phrase than recruitment.

In similar fashion, there’s probably a decent argument for auditing your brain too. Perhaps not in the same existential manner you would with tech. But rebooting the programs within is always a good idea.

And there’s a number of ways you can do that.

The re-boot

One of the best ways is to not work for a bit.

Take time out. Look at some nature. Throw yourself down a mountain or sit on a beach.

But just taking time out won’t always improve your mind. You need to update your system at some point.

And for that… there’s loads of things you can try.

There’s reading. Meditation. Physical exercise. Listening to music. Learning a new topic. Trying a new hobby. Visiting a new place. Mastering a new skill. Improving an old one. Finding a craft.

Countless activities. And the beauty of doing them is, you’ll always have something interesting to talk to your network about. And that in turn will make you more interesting.

Which will make you better at the one thing you currently rely on your brain for, above all else.

And therefore doing your job and making money will become all the easier.

After all… your mind’s the best recruitment tool you have.

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