Top Quality Candidates Won’t be Able to Resist Your Offer With These Tips

In the world of recruitment, who’s in charge? Employers and recruiters might have the ability to extend a job offer to a candidate but, in the end, it’s the candidate who gets the final say. Securing a top quality candidate for a client is sure to put you in their good books. Achieving the task isn’t necessarily easy, though. Top candidates could have several deals on the table, and it’s up to you to convince them that yours is the best one that they can go for. Before a candidate has the chance to tell you that they’re considering other offers, you need to show them why they should choose yours.

Get the timing right

Timing is everything in all aspects of life. Recruiters who want to improve their chances of snagging the best candidates should keep that in mind. Firstly, consider the length of the hiring process. If it’s too long, the best candidates could well complete a shorter process with someone else, and be saying yes to an offer before you have a chance to get to them. Try techniques like interviewing several candidates on the same day and doing plenty of preparation to get to know them before interviews. Speed up decisions and make your offer as soon as you can.

Know what motivates them

During the recruitment process, you should begin to get a feel for what motivates your candidate. What is it that they care about most, and what are they looking for in their next role? Armed with this information, you’re ready to put together the best pitch for any candidate. If you don’t know any of this by the time you make an offer, it’s not too late. You can still ask the right questions about what they want. However, it’s best to ask them before you get to the offer stage, so you’re poised and ready to pounce.

Talk up the benefits of the role

Once you know what matters most to your candidate, you can extoll the benefits of the role. Different things will matter to different candidates, but there’s one thing that many will put above all else. All candidates, and especially the very best ones, want to know that there is value and meaning in the role, and that they will be treated with dignity. Most people are willing to put this above money and other benefits.

Ask about other offers

If your candidate has told you that they’re considering other offers, don’t be shy about asking for details. While not all candidates will want to share, many are happy to if they think it will encourage you to offer a better deal. Find out about what others are offering them, including salary, benefits, culture and working environment, focusing on the things that matter to your candidate. Remember that you’re trying to secure a high-value, top quality candidate who has everything that you’re looking for. Get a good idea about your competition so that you can decide whether to alter your offer to win the best talent.

You can’t force a top quality candidate to take an offer, but you can be very persuasive. Get ready to present a solid offer and do what it takes – without seeming desperate.

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