UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Smarts Live Chat Show

Our CRO Adam Dale will be joining Louise Triance on November 23rd for UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Smarts Live Chat show. Throughout the live chat show, Adam and Louise will be discussing the candidate shortage and tackling the challenges facing the UK job market right now.


UK job vacancies are at a record high, having soared to more than 1m in August for the first time since official records began in 2001, rising by 35% in the space of three months across all sectors of the British economy.


There are more live roles than the amount of candidates that are looking to or willing to move right now. 


That means multiple recruiters are finding and engaging with the same candidates for multiple roles, at the same time.


How can agencies make sure they are finding hidden candidates and how can they position themselves and the job they’re working to stand out from the crowd?

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