Why you should be calling candidates instead of emailing

Emails are widely recognised as a quick and easy form of communication, however it can be argued that a traditional phone call is still the best way of getting in contact with a prospective candidate.

Firstly, emails can easily get lost in your spam/junk folder never to be read. You are also less likely to remember a specific email as opposed to a phone conversation.

Here are several reasons why you should reconsider your current approach and start calling your candidates.

Your competition are increasingly sending InMails and emails

With the explosion of email automation tools and LinkedIn licences, more and more Recruiters are sending messages to candidates instead of picking up the phone. The more messages a candidate receives, the less likely they are to respond, meaning a phone call not only differentiates you from a lot of your competition, it also means you’re often more likely to receive a response.

Easier to get to know them

A phone call is a great way to quickly build rapport, as it’s a much warmer and a more personalised approach than just sending an email.

By speaking to someone directly you will also be able to better gage their personality, competence and suitability for a specific role. A telephone call will provide you with the ability to build stronger relationships and it doesn’t have to be as formal as an email.

There is less room for error

It is a lot easier and quicker to clarify a point over the phone. Points over email can sometimes get lost in translation and you can end up wasting time sending multiple emails to communicate the same message.

Another key reason why a phone call is better than an email is that key information and content can remain in context, whereas misunderstandings can happen easily within email, tone of voice can often be misinterpreted.

Shows more authority

By directly calling a candidate it shows them that you care enough about their job search to take the time out of your day to speak with them. The candidate has likely received multiple emails and phoning them will make you stand out against the other recruiters.

It’s easier

If you’re on the move you may not have access to the internet or sufficient enough connection to be able to receive and send emails. Generally, with a phone call you will be able to get through to your candidate, either to speak or to leave a call back message.

While a phone call might not always be appropriate, relying solely on email as a method of communication can also have its pitfalls. In an ideal world it might be better to use a combination of the two, and better still knowing when to use them would be even better.

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