It’s very possible and very easy to find candidates that list their numbers on their profiles through a straightforward Google X-Ray search.

Start off with the standard format for a LinkedIn X-Ray search: OR -inurl:dir

If that doesn’t make sense, or you’d rather the convenience of not having to enter the formatting, then you can use our Custom Search Engine to do the hard work for you – all you then need to do is add the phone number section and your keywords and you’re good to go.

Google has a search operator that allows you to search number ranges. For example, including 1..10 will return results for all pages containing numbers 1 through 10.

So how can we use this to find phone numbers?

Let’s use the UK mobile number as our first example. All UK Mobile numbers start with 07, and the majority of people will put the first 5 numbers together, then insert a space before writing the rest of their number.

So now we know the format, we can think about how we might search that range.

We want to cover the entire mobile range, so we’ll add 07000..07999 to our search to pick up mobile numbers.

sourcing mobile numbers

Once you’ve added the mobile number section, you can start adding the keywords you would normally add to the search. As you can see, incredibly easy to build a phone number search! This is one example but it’s applicable to many other types of phone numbers across the world.

Happy hunting!

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