Transforming the way recruiters work

Leverage the power of AI recruitment automation to find more candidates and make more placements – all in one place.

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SourceBreaker enables recruiters to make more placements from their existing resources by unleashing the power of AI & automation on vital everyday recruitment tasks. Reduce the time spent on traditional manual processes and make use of freed-up time to build relationships with candidates and clients.
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Top-quality candidates, faster

Leverage laser-accurate search results from a multitude of sourcing platforms to compile prospective candidate pools filled only with highly-qualified individuals, faster. Maximise your prospects with top-quality candidates, in real-time.

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Get ahead of every live role

Be the first to discover perfect-fit opportunities by automatically tracking relevant vacancies and events in your market niche in real time, and powering your teams with up-to-the-minute recruitment sales intelligence and industry insights.

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More placements, less admin

Significantly increase productivity by building powerful workflows and automated processes that consistently scope your market(s) and deliver high-quality results at speeds your competitors simply can’t match.

Trusted by over 10,000 recruiters worldwide

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Why SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker works with over 750 recruitment agencies worldwide, transforming the way recruiters work to increase productivity and revenue.

Find higher-quality candidates in seconds with intelligent search features, beat your competition to new, perfect-fit sales opportunities, and leverage AI-powered opportunity-matching to monetise every candidate and client relationship, all in one platform.

"We’re really proud of the tech stack we have – we mention SourceBreaker in our job adverts to attract new candidates and feature it in pitch decks to clients."

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Emma Crabtree

Co-Founder & Director

"What sets SourceBreaker apart is the engagement – 100% of our employees use it every single day, and 44% of the placements we make come from SourceBreaker"

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Ben Broughton


"I wanted to give my team the best product in the market to do their job – I genuinely believe that SourceBreaker is that product."

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Andy Heyes

Managing Director

The results?

More high-quality candidates available per job

More interviews per candidate

Increased ROI from your existing resources

A direct increase in recruiter productivity and revenue generation

Increase revenue
per recruiter

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