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How Apollo Solutions generated a £500k ROI through investing in SourceBreaker to accelerate rookie performance and fuel rapid growth.


Founded in 2008, Apollo Solutions is a niche provider of recruitment services to the Corporate Governance and Technology sectors, based out of London and with satellite locations in NY and Amsterdam. As users of the platform from its earliest days, Apollo has continued to reinvest in SourceBreaker’s recruitment automation tools, generating close to £0.5m ROI in 2021 and almost 25% of 2022 placements originating from the software.


United Kingdom, New York & Amsterdam




Corporate Governance & Technology

Apollo Solutions Key Statistics:

●  Generated almost 25% of 2022 placements originated from the software

How have Apollo Solutions leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

Apollo have been customers of SourceBreaker since the early days of the product, and have continued to invest for almost fifteen years as a cornerstone of their technology stack, recording almost £0.5m in ROI on their investment in 2021 and generating almost 25% of 2022 placements.


‘When we first saw SourceBreaker, it was immediately clear to us how many issues it would solve,’ explains Stragier.


As a growing agency, getting new recruiters up to speed quickly was vitally important, and SourceBreaker’s toolkit of automation solutions has helped Apollo grow to almost 40 consultants – including a rapid recovery from the 2020 pandemic when headcount dipped as low as 10.

Which features are most notable for Apollo Solutions?

SourceBreaker makes the process of building a really good search so much easier. As a result, not only are rookie hires able to identify the right types of candidates quickly, they’ve also got a call list to talk to people straight away.


They’re also able to get all of the information onto Bullhorn easily via the integration, so all of the basic ‘Recruitment 101’ things they’re able to get up to speed with so much faster.’

“Speed to market is the key to recruitment technology ROI. SourceBreaker saves time and makes money.”

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Scalable and streamlined growth as well as a variety of other day-to-day recruitment problems, such as – but not limited to – the following.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Operating in highly specialist markets, Apollo’s leadership team knew that fully leveraging their proprietary database was key to outperforming their competition. In a fast-paced industry, relying on third-party job boards and LinkedIn alone would not deliver the competitive edge needed, but previously recruiters were either reluctant to search the CRM or lacked the skills to find quality candidates.


“Thanks to SourceBreaker, our rookie recruiters can build searches that not even senior consultants would be able to create.”


SourceBreaker’s seamless integration with Bullhorn made it easy for both experienced consultants and rookie recruiters to run expert searches on Apollo’s CRM, uncovering placeable candidates quickly that competitor agencies failed to find.


‘Searching Bullhorn has been amazing,’ explains Maya Stragier, Senior Sales Operations & Marketing Manager. ‘Because SourceBreaker makes it so easy and so user-friendly, people want to search Bullhorn – it’s easy, quick, fast and gets them the right results.’


Consultants of all experience levels now use SourceBreaker as their go-to sourcing platform, building advanced searches which they run across all candidate sources, including their own CRM. Apollo has seen a large increase in re-engagement of dormant candidate profiles, leading directly to placements from unique candidates not available on job boards and out of reach of their competition.

High-Quality, High-Value Databases

Apollo was also looking for a way to build their database faster. Historically, consultants would reject candidates who weren’t an immediate fit for live vacancies, failing to add them to the CRM for future searches.


“Great candidates aren’t sitting on somebody’s desktop – it’s just ‘click’, and it goes onto the database.”


SourceBreaker’s intuitive Bullhorn integration made it simple and fast for recruiters to add every relevant candidate to the CRM, whether a match for current vacancies or not.

‘It is time consuming to download a CV from a job board, upload them to the CRM, update the profile and add a note,’ says Stragier. ‘Now it’s – ‘click’ – move onto the next person.’


The Apollo team saw rapid growth in the number of externally-sourced candidates added to the database, increasing their competitive advantage by creating a unique data asset that represented a larger share of the overall candidate market. This reduced reliance on third-party sourcing platforms such as LinkedIn, ensuring that Apollo’s access to high quality candidates continued to grow beyond their competitors.

Would Apollo Solutions recommend SourceBreaker?

‘The impact on new hires has been key to our success,’ Stragier informs us.


‘SourceBreaker makes recruitment very straightforward and enables new consultants to get straight on the phones and build confidence.


For most new starters, Boolean searching is difficult and time-consuming – but it’s the key to gaining traction in recruitment.

Drive Tech Adoption With Optimal Customer Success

Apollo has also worked closely with the SourceBreaker Customer Success team, including on-site training sessions to ensure maximum user adoption and ROI from their continued investment.

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“The training and support has been unreal – the best of any of the suppliers that we work with. The input from SourceBreaker’s Customer Success team has been instrumental to the success we’ve had with the product.”