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How Applause IT use SourceBreaker to streamline and strengthen their searches and function as their in-house assistant when it comes to on-boarding and training.


Applause IT use SourceBreaker to speed up and automate multi-platform searching. This enables them to deliver quality candidates, faster and positions SourceBreaker as their number one way to search for candidates.

"After a day of using [Sourcebreaker] to get familiar with it, new recruits are up to speed and can put what they’ve learned on paper about their market into search really easy"





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How have Applause IT leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

Applause IT uses SourceBreaker to speed up and automate multi-platform searching, enabling their recruiters to deliver quality candidates faster – positioning SourceBreaker as their number one way to search for candidates.


“It’s very much a natural reaction when you get a new role to fill, to use SourceBreaker to do it.”

Which features are most notable for Applause IT?

From using SourceBreaker to perfect candidate-job matching, lead generation, and perfect prioritisation; there is a tool for almost every aspect of the recruitment workflow, enabling recruiters to focus only on what’s important.


The toggle tool is also great. You can change your search to candidates that might be 70%, 80% fit for the role and see whether they’ve simply missed something out on their CV that might have made them perfect”

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Streamlining and optimising the recruitment workflow, important processes such as multi-platform searching, and maximising recruiter productivity.

Recruiter Organisation & Prioritisation

As any recruiter will know, Applause IT faces various different tasks in a single day and usually across departments. Deciding what comes first and how to manage various responsibilities, before actually getting the tasks done, is a hurdle many businesses have to overcome.


“It’s very easy to get distracted if you’re changing between three or four boards, or even to track which board have I done, or which search on any given day. I used to print off grids and tick box my way through the different roles I was recruiting for. There is now far less scope for missing stuff out and missing out on people”


Applause IT are able to use SourceBreaker to begin their day, and structure the rest of their workflow around that. This enables their recruiters to systematically cover all of their channels, and get to the best talent ahead of the competition.

Limited Candidate Pools

SourceBreaker’s “toggle” or Smart Search tool allows you to adjust your search and find candidates that might be less than 100% fit for the role on paper. By excluding “nice-to-have” search terms, the recruiter is able to gain access to additional candidates, whilst also removing the candidates that appeared in the first search.


The variation function has allowed Applause IT to better deliver to their clients and allows them to access and offer a different candidate pool, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

Finding A Perfect Candidate Fit

For many recruitment businesses, finding candidates that are perfect for the role but don’t have all the skills on their CV, can be a persistent challenge. This can be due to old CVs remaining on databases, or candidates forgetting to include something.


Using SourceBreaker also makes it easier to ensure all CV databases have been properly searched, without constantly having to switch between them. Applause IT found that searching on their multiple CV databases separately would make it difficult to manipulate or widen their search without going back to the start, making the process significantly more convoluted and time-consuming.


This improvement in workflow results in more rigour around searching, ensuring no stone goes unturned. This in turn gives Applause IT time back that can be spent on business development pitching and the finding of additional roles.

Would Applause IT recommend SourceBreaker?

Applause IT found that 90% of candidates that come through their CV databases are generated using SourceBreaker. The platform has been able to improve and broaden Applause IT’s search capacity, improve market knowledge and speed up time to productivity for new recruits.


“After a day of using Sourcebreaker to get familiar with it, new recruits are up to speed and can put what they’ve learned on paper about their market into search really easy”

Transform The Way You Recruit With SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker is a recruiter’s best friend, not just because our platform is dedicated to facilitating growth at every step but because we evolve as the industry does.


“Starting the day with SourceBreaker is an absolute no brainer in terms of the searches that we do: the research, checking your watchdogs, new CVs, as well as going through your most important searches and priority roles. [Then we] get on the phone and have a good sales effort in terms of business development through the rest of the day”


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