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How Bright Purple consistently stayed ahead in an ever-shifting, competitive market


Known for sourcing high-quality candidates for permanent and contracted roles within the Technology, IT, and Business Change Sectors, Bright Purple are a specialist recruitment agency. Having operated from their company base in Edinburgh since 1995, Bright Purple are highly regarded for their extensive industry knowledge and impressive placements over the years.

"We can do everything that SB does without it, but it would be laboursome and there would be points of failure which SB eliminates."
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Kane Webster

Sales Director | Bright Purple


Edinburgh, United Kingdom





How have Bright Purple leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

Originally, Bright Purple leveraged SourceBreaker to assist them in business development and the acquisition of more roles—both of which were ultimately successful.


However, they quickly recognised the adaptability of the platform as the market began changing around them and were able to utilise SourceBreaker for more candidate-focused tasks during the pandemic (when leads were easy to find) and in more recent times, as a candidate generation tool and data aggregator.


“We wanted to crack the source of contract and perm vacancies without having spam or recruitment adverts popping up”
– Kane Webster

Which features are most notable for Bright Purple?

Hailed as one of their top three tech stack tools, Bright Purple see SourceBreaker for what it is — a combination of useful RecTech features to alternate between as market needs shift and evolve.


With that in mind, the most exciting features for their recruitment agency were reported to be Smart Search —for its ability to place focus on the best candidates first— and the Search Builder tool—allowing users to enter one keyword and simultaneously search for all relevant synonyms, automatically and with very little to no effort.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

In addition to its adaptability, Bright Purple have lauded the platform’s ability to streamline and optimise various aspects of their day-to-day lives.

Shifting Market Requirements

As previously mentioned, SourceBreaker responds and caters to most recruitment needs, enabling recruiters to adapt their workflow and processes effectively and in real-time— with a suite of high-quality RecTech tools at their disposal.

Healthy Aggregation

In addition to promoting tech adoption across departments in a progressively remote world, SourceBreaker has highlighted the value of a centralised touch-point for all things candidate, lead, and market-related—from recently executed searches and generated leads to updates on placements or company funding rounds.


In fact, Bright Purple report that now everything is aggregated, there is way less training required, resources are all utilised, and results are improving exponentially.

Centralised Reporting

Before the SourceBreaker platform, recruiters at Bright Purple were having to manually log into four separate job boards to check which searches were being run. Since moving to our unified platform, the traditional time-consuming method is short-circuited, empowering their team with a much more clear and accessible view of their own recruitment efforts but also the candidate market.

SourceBreaker Comes Recommended By Bright Purple

With SourceBreaker outperforming adverts and generating at least 20% of our placements from active searches performed on the platform, Bright Purple continue investing in us because we have:
●  An outstanding Customer Success team
●  Better training than any other suppliers
●  Centralised data and complete aggregation
●  End-to-end recruitment features
●  Effective and informed reporting

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