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How Cherry Professional sourced 35% more candidates and attributed 49% of their placements to SourceBreaker


Striving to inspire confidence and empower clients and candidates, Cherry Professional are a relationship-led recruitment firm specialising in the recruitment of administrative and finance-based roles.

“We knew it [SourceBreaker] would be one of those purchases that would help to future-proof as well”
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Sarah Gibson

Operations Director | Cherry Professional


Nottingham, United Kingdom




Finance, HR, and Business Professionals

Cherry Professionals Key Statistics:

Since going live with SourceBreaker, it has enabled them to make 49% of their placements using the platform and they have seen an increase of 35% in total sourced candidates

26% of candidates interviewed by Cherry Professional were found using SourceBreaker

How did they use SourceBreaker to optimise their business strategies

Recognising SourceBreaker is more than just a powerful boolean search tool and rather a platform filled with various RecTech solutions, Cherry Professional use it as a multi-purpose tool, having also identified its ability to assist in future-proofing recruitment agencies.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Business development, future-proofing businesses and powerful RecTech capabilities, our platform has enabled Cherry Professional to improve the efficacy of their search, candidate sourcing, and lead generation efforts.

Effective Searches & Keyword Alternatives

The struggle to find suitable candidates has been increasingly difficult and is becoming more of a challenge. 

With the recruitment market currently over-saturated with highly talented recruiters, some of the candidates that Cherry Professional were finding had already been contacted by competitors and so it slowed down their processes. 

Since onboarding with SourceBreaker, they’ve managed to source previously hidden candidates at speedier rates.

Guided, High-Quality Tech Adoption

New technology is brilliantly effective but only if it’s used correctly and Cherry Professional believe SourceBreaker’s onboarding approach was considerably helpful in driving tech adoption through guided sessions.

In addition to their own induction process where they prep new starters on SourceBreaker, Bullhorn Automation, Bullhorn Analytics, Kyloe, and idibu, they have benefited from onboarding and refresher sessions held by dedicated Customer Success agents. 

Instead of struggling with the challenges of driving tech adoption, Cherry Professional reported a seamless implementation driven by our onboarding team.

“I’ve done so many implementations before and with others we’ve felt like we were doing the brunt of the work, but with this one, it felt like everything was being taken out of your hands in a good way”

One Central Touchpoint

By centralising almost all of the features, tools, and technologies into one, powerful recruitment platform, SourceBreaker enabled their recruiters to short-circuit traditional recruitment methods by minimising the amount of manual work needed.

How can SourceBreaker benefit your agency or enterprise?

Recruitment companies like Cherry Professional are particularly impressed by SourceBreaker’s ability to deliver every time and return only the best candidates while being customer-focused and with excellent scalability.

SourceBreaker provides recruiters with a platform that can reduce the cost and complexity of hiring and reduce employee churn by enabling recruiters to make informed decisions.