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How CSS generated 335% ROI from SourceBreaker within 6 months of using SourceBreaker


Contemporary Staffing Solutions (CSS) is a family of brands specialising in staffing and recruitment solutions. Since their onboarding in April of 2022, the number of recruiters leveraging SourceBreaker has reached a total of 60 users, with 23 of those belonging to the PSG division.

"SourceBreaker stands out because it does everything for you – there’s no need to put in time thinking of keywords and how you can build out searches”
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New Jersey, USA




Accounting Finance, Call Centre & Office, Human Resources, Mortgage, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology & Salesforce Staffing

Contemporary Staffing Solutions Key Statistics:

Generated 335% ROI across the entire company

Total of 60 users, with 23 of those belonging to the PSG division.

How have CSS leveraged SourceBreaker to optimise and streamline?

SourceBreaker’s all-in-one platform was initially enticing to CSS because they lacked a functional boolean search string generator but quickly discovered the platform’s capabilities extended far beyond just the power of search.

Which SourceBreaker features work best for CSS?

From its powerful search features to its intuitive user interface, SourceBreaker’s ease of use makes it considerably easier to onboard newbie recruiters. The usability of the UI and the customer support provided are beneficial in getting users up to speed with the platform’s functionality and allowing recruiters to collaborate effectively.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Recruitment issues as a whole but more importantly: the need for extensive tech stacks, cost-effective software, and unproductivity.

Optimising the Onboarding Process

After speaking to the team at CSS, they revealed that while ‘other vendors have monthly meetings and check-ups…there is often no follow up action’ and their ‘door isn’t always open.’ 

However, we were assured that for the SourceBreaker platform; not only was that not the case but it was realms away from how supportive the customer success team were reported to be.

Unlike many other technology providers, SourceBreaker is committed to educating – and supporting – users leveraging our platform to ensure they’re doing so to the best of their ability.

Comprehensive Tech Stacks

With SourceBreaker’s platform combining a range of value-generating tools and software, there’s no need to licence various pieces of technology; instead, it’s all unified in one robust platform and in real-time.

Wasted Time & Energy

Through automation and machine learning, CSS were able to decrease the manpower spent on monotonous tasks such as scouring job boards, cold communications, and market research – meaning more time was able to be dedicated to more high-priority duties.

Cost-Effective Technology

By saving time and energy, CSS recruiters have also increased revenue as recruiters have significantly more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks and candidate engagement.

Recommended by CSS

Despite only leveraging LinkedIn without access to CRMs or Job Boards, CSS has still managed to improve their ROI on recruitment tech and has reported an impressive direct fill rate from SourceBreaker— totalling a whopping 335% ROI.

Moreover, it was reported the ease of accessibility surrounding SourceBreaker and its features made it considerably easier to onboard newbie recruiters and get them up to speed with the platform’s functionality with minimal effort.

Streamlining your recruitment processes with SourceBreaker

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