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How SourceBreaker empowered Deltra Group to recruit holistically and more efficiently


The Deltra Group are an industry-leading recruitment agency founded in 2010 and designed to combat the transactional culture of recruiting, specialising in providing the best programme, project, and change professionals to companies across the UK and Europe.


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“As a recruiter we need 2 key things: to generate business and find candidates to fill those roles and SourceBreaker streamlines this process. If you want to make it easier to generate candidates and want to have a holistic stack which will allow you to view, access, and import candidates quickly, you need to get SourceBreaker”

How have Deltra Group leveraged SourceBreaker to optimise their business strategies?

Focused on understanding clients and candidates as human beings, the Deltra Group prioritise a human-centric approach to recruitment and work to provide only the best experiences for their partners and SourceBreaker has allowed them to achieve this.


In addition to using their internal CRM in tandem with external job-boards when making placements, the SourceBreaker platform offers an additional layer of functionality by enabling recruiters to automate, streamline, and improve their recruitment workflows.

Which SourceBreaker features work best for Deltra Group?

Because of its simple, easy-to-use, and accessible interface, SourceBreaker gives recruiters holistic access to candidates, with SourceBots operating as a proactive approach to candidate and lead generation.


Since onboarding with SourceBreaker 5-6 years ago, Deltra Group have been able to reactivate dormant candidates within their CRMs as well as uncover otherwise hidden candidates from external databases. With that in mind, most placements generated by their agency are done so using candidates sourced using the SourceBreaker Platform.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Hailed as a crucial component of Deltra Group’s recruitment processes, the SourceBreaker platform is the second port of call for all agents after their own internal CRM; positioning it as a brilliant tool for placing high-quality candidates

Intuitive Search Functionality

Using SourceBreaker’s intuitive search builder and keyword ontology, recruiters can target a variety of job roles, execute intelligent boolean searches, and automate their candidate and lead generation processes.


By introducing a smarter way to search, Deltra Group have seen an incredible increase in recruiter productivity but also a considerable decrease in time spent on manual and otherwise tedious processes; enabling recruiters to re-align their focus to more value-generating tasks like candidate engagement.

Automated Recruitment Processes

Through the automation – and therefore simplification – of recruitment workflows, Deltra Group have seen a significant improvement in not only the productivity of recruiters but also the quality of candidates sourced, the number of leads generated, and the calibre of informed conversations their agents are having.

Optimum Productivity Across Recruiters

Playing a huge role in rookie recruiter ramp-up and getting newer agents up to speed with internal recruitment processes quickly, the SourceBreaker platform is ‘embedded into the company’s DNA’ and their processes. With extensive insights into candidates and leads, agents can easily identify inactive, active, and passive candidates with just a quick glance instead of trawling through various databases.

One Centralised Touchpoint

Originally leveraging a wide array of websites, job boards, and LinkedIn, as well as their own CRM using aggregated views, Deltra Group can now manage and browse the same – if not improved – candidate pools from one central touchpoint — the SourceBreaker platform.

SourceBreaker For Your Business

Highly experienced agents are ready to support your agents through the SourceBreaker process and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and take ownership of your candidate data for you. This will make sourcing the right talent easier for you and your team, as you will no longer need to worry about the tedious task of handling the data manually.


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