How international Software Engineering staffing scale-up grew headcount by 300% in 12 months with recruitment automation technology.


DevelopRec is an award-winning recruitment agency focused on the software engineering space across the UK, Germany and USA. Partnering with innovative business to provide product-based talent solutions, DevelopRec was looking to rapidly grow their teams across a range of competitive IT markets, including .NET, Java, Python, JavaScript and PHP.

"SourceBreaker has become ubiquitous in our business. It’s a tool we would struggle to live without."
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Joey Tait

Managing Director | DevelopRec


United Kingdom




Software Engineering

DevelopRec Key Statistics:

●  Grew headcount 300% in 12 months with recruitment automation technology.

How have DevelopRec leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

On an ambitious hiring drive to grow headcount by 3x in under a year, DevelopRec needed to ensure that new hires quickly started generating profit and supporting ongoing growth.


“As a business, we’ve been using SourceBreaker since the early days,” explains Managing Director, Joey Tait. “Since then, it’s become ubiquitous in our business. It’s a tool we would struggle to live without.”

Which features are most notable for DevelopRec?

SourceBreaker enabled DevelopRec to simultaneously improve the quantity and quality of their work, giving recruiters an automation toolkit to consistently deliver high-quality work at a fast pace.


“We save so much time in terms of how simple it is to uncover and action leads and quality candidates,” explains Tait. “Our searches are better, we run them faster, we have better intel before sales calls – so both the speed and the quality of everything we do has improved.”

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Saving time, automated productivity, and effective prioritisation but also:

Speeding Up Rookie Hires

A key part of the value comes from SourceBreaker’s impact on getting rookie hires up to speed fast.


“Part of our strategy and our success comes from bringing people into the business that have no previous recruitment experience. And that’s been possible thanks to our tech stack,” explains Tait.


“SourceBreaker is a massive help with rookies coming in. We’ve built an LMS platform in-house, and SourceBreaker is part of that from the moment that new employees onboard – it’s how we get them to money so quickly.”


“People who are new to using SourceBreaker ask themselves ‘how was I doing this before?’”

Driving Tech Adoption

With a commitment to invest in premium technology, the DevelopRec team wanted to be confident that they would see high levels of adoption for their tools. Specifically, they wanted to create a technology environment which felt streamlined and integrated, without the need for users to switch back and forth between multiple platforms.


“The reason we’ve continued to invest in SourceBreaker is because of how it landed with the teams,” explains Tait. “It just became part of everything we do – everyone’s first port of call. I think a key to that is that it’s embedded in the tech we already use – our most-used tools are SourceBreaker and Cube19 – and they’re both embedded directly in the CRM.”


“As a business you develop a tech stack that you rely on – SourceBreaker quickly became part of our game plan.”


DevelopRec made SourceBreaker a core part of their workflow company-wide, especially for rookie hires learning recruitment best practice and it delivered excellent results. Users on the platform have grown from 15 to 44 within 12 months, with ongoing growth as the business expands across the UK, Germany and from their US hub in Miami.

Informed Conversations & Candidate-Matches

“SourceBreaker gives rookies the information they need to be successful automatically – in the right place, at the right time – all in one place,” says Tait.


“Every morning, recruiters have SourceBots delivering them new candidates in the market automatically. They also have leads from hiring companies, with the context and data they need to hold informed sales conversations.


Put those two together, and they have leads they can impact quickly, plus candidates they can match to those leads – all extremely quickly, and without leaving the platform.”

Would DevelopRec recommend SourceBreaker?

Barbara Hudecova, Operations Manager, adds “sales teams are very vocal about which technologies they like and don’t like, and with SourceBreaker we’ve had an amazing experience – I think the integration with Bullhorn has a lot to do with that.”


“Salespeople like the path of least resistance,” adds Tait. “If something is easy to use and part of the process, it tends to get used more.”


“It’s easy to train people on SourceBreaker because what you see is what you get – unlike a lot of tech which is complicated and daunting for people just starting out in recruitment.”

Would SourceBreaker Work For You?

DevelopRec plans to continue investing in SourceBreaker, supported by the Customer Success team. “A key measure of any technology investment is ‘what would happen if someone took this tool away?’”, says Tait. “We would not be in a good place!”


“It’s not just the technology that’s great, it’s the partnership. We’ve had great support from day one – there was a real plan from the SourceBreaker team. We’ve implemented it, and it works. If you use it well, it WILL work. For us, it’s a no-brainer.”