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How Ernest Gordon combine SourceBreaker and Bullhorn for maximum ROI


Ernest Gordon Recruitment is a dynamic and passionate recruitment consultancy, with a focus on providing open, honest, and transparent recruitment services in the IT, engineering, and technical sectors. With a personal approach to recruitment, they strive to create the perfect match between candidates and clients, building long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust.


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Why did Ernest Gordon leverage SourceBreaker?

Ernest Gordon Recruitment understands the importance of attracting and retaining top-quality recruiters who can provide exceptional services to their clients and to achieve this, they turned to innovative recruitment technology platforms like SourceBreaker & Bullhorn.


“Sourcebreaker and Bullhorn work effortlessly well together. Using them side by side keeps everything neatly in one place, being able to transfer candidates onto bullhorn shortlists with ease.”

– Ashleigh Gallacher

SourceBreaker & Bullhorn as a solution to…

At Ernest Gordon, senior leadership is dedicated to cultivating a culture of time-effectiveness and efficiency, and the SourceBreaker platform when used in conjunction with Bullhorn has helped them to achieve their goals successfully.

Exceptional Boolean Search Functionality

SourceBreaker’s intuitive search builder and keyword ontology make it easy for recruiters to target a variety of job roles, execute intelligent boolean searches, and automate their candidate and lead generation processes. When used in tandem with Bullhorn, candidates can be parsed directly through to your databases with all the required formatting – ensuring a smooth and quick transfer of data.


Considering the business isn’t as big as some of its competitors in the recruitment arena, Ernest Gordon’s use of SourceBreaker has enabled them to find niche candidates with good skillsets, identify relevant roles, and place them effectively just as quickly if not quicker by revealing otherwise hidden candidates and opportunities.


By introducing a smarter way to effectively search, the platform has helped Ernest Gordon to significantly improve the productivity of recruiters and the quality of candidates sourced.

Investing in the Best Tech for Maximised Recruiter Productivity

Ernest Gordon has an eye for investing in the best RecTech on the market to ensure their team(s) have access to only the best technology — with SourceBreaker and Bullhorn being hailed as a ‘brilliant AI-powered addition.’


Because of how saturated recruitment markets are, their use of data and insights – acquired from datasets they’ve invested in and SourceBreaker — enables Ernest Gordon to make informed decisions, diversify into new markets, and uncover opportunities quicker than almost all of their competitors.


With Bullhorn, it is significantly easier for recruitment agencies to streamline and optimise their workflows using automation and analytics – empowering them to realign their priorities away from repetitive tasks towards value-generating ones like engaging candidates.

Continuous Upskilling with Customer Success

Due to the ease of use of the SourceBreaker platform and its intuitive boolean search functionality, senior recruiters are able to accelerate rookie recruiter ramp-up without the feat of the results being impacted by accidental mistakes and errors. This in turn helps promote a culture of personal and professional development, allowing new rookies to align themselves with the company’s values.


By working closely with their dedicated CSM, Ernest Gordon consistently uncovered new opportunities and use cases for SourceBreaker, with their most recent upskilling focused primarily on business development. Their team is said to have benefited greatly from the Intel Centre and the insights revealed to them, especially as it allows for regular rookie recruiter upskilling.

Centralised Data Aggregation

SourceBreaker and Bullhorn centralise all integrated job boards and CRMs in one convenient location, making it easy for recruiters to access and manage all of their recruitment needs in one place. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools, making it considerably more efficient and effective for Ernest Gordon as it streamlines the recruitment process, saving valuable time and energy.


In addition to integrating with popular job boards and CRMs, SourceBreaker also scrapes third-party sites to provide recruiters with a steady influx of high-quality candidates and job leads. This means that recruiters can access a wider pool of candidates, some of which might have been hidden on other platforms.

Recommended 100% by Ernest Gordon

An integral aspect of their recruitment process, Ernest Gordon highly recommends SourceBreaker to anyone looking to attract the best candidates for any role while receiving unparalleled support from our leading Customer Success Team.


Acknowledging the platform’s positive impact, reputation, and usage, senior leadership believe that not only are there ‘lots of great things about SourceBreaker’ but it’s a ‘great tool at our fingertips’ – empowering them to work smarter, not harder.

Level Up Your Recruitment With SourceBreaker & Bullhorn

Is your agency dedicated to cultivating a culture of time-effectiveness and efficiency? If so, maybe it’s time to discover how SourceBreaker and Bullhorn can help you not only achieve your goals but exceed them.


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