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How SourceBreaker helped Harvey Nash increase revenue and placements per recruiter


A child company of Nash Squared, Harvey Nash is one of the leading global providers of recruitment and talent solutions specialising in technology recruitment, IT, and outsourcing. Harvey Nash use SourceBreaker to accelerate and automate critical candidate sourcing and business development tasks across their business, resulting in an overall increase in placement volume and revenue generated per recruiter.

"I wanted to give my team the best product in the market to do their job – I genuinely believe that SourceBreaker is that product."
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How have Harvey Nash leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

Harvey Nash uses SourceBreaker to accelerate and automate critical candidate sourcing and business development tasks across their business, resulting in an overall increase in placement volume and revenue generated per recruiter.

Which features are most notable for Harvey Nash?

Before SourceBreaker, Harvey Nash were relying on stand-alone job boards and CRMS but since leveraging the platform, they’ve seen maximum impact from its lead generation features, its centralised touchpoint, and candidate matching.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Until Harvey Nash introduced SourceBreaker, recruiters were losing valuable time searching multiple sources for candidates manually but that’s not the only problem our platform solved.

Being First To Market

Operating in the highly competitive IT recruitment market, Harvey Nash needed to ensure their consultants were first to market with high quality candidates.


Now, all consultants can search multiple candidate sources from a single point of access, with the platform’s artificial intelligence also increasing relevant candidate pools by up to 2x—allowing recruiters more time to carry out revenue-generating activities and drive deals through the sales funnel.


“SourceBreaker gave us a single point of access to search job boards and our own CRM, which immediately sped up our consultants’ ability to find CVs”


The Harvey Nash team are now able to consistently out-perform competitors by being first to market with quality candidates, with recruiters spending more time building human relationships and less time searching for profiles. This has resulted in more placements per recruiters across the group.

Accelerating Rookie Ramp-Up

As a fast-growing global agency, Harvey Nash was looking for a way to reduce the ramp-up time for rookie recruiters joining the business. Ensuring that new consultants could start generating revenue quickly and consistently was a high-priority strategic goal.


“Working with SourceBreaker had an instant impact”


Having relevant leads presented to them automatically through SourceBreaker lets recruiters reach out to people who have needs there and then. Combined with an automated candidate feed from multiple sources, new hires are able to match candidates and leads faster and more consistently, decreasing overall ramp time.

Real-Time Market Opportunities

SourceBreaker’s automated workflows help new hires to be more productive from day one by giving consultants access to real-time market opportunities. SourceBots alert recruiters to placeable candidates newly on the market, as well as building a sales pipeline of leads within their niche sectors.

Would Harvey Nash recommend SourceBreaker?

Harvey Nash have been able to increase the amount of revenue generated by each recruiter across the business by implementing SourceBreaker. In fact, the team have now been using the platform for 4 years, and the partnership continues to grow along with the Harvey Nash brand.


A key foundation of the relationship is the ongoing return on investment that Harvey Nash sees both from the technology and the dynamic between the two companies. ‘ROI is at the heart of every technology investment decision we make, and with SourceBreaker we know we’re generating great returns,’ says Managing Director Andy Heyes.


SourceBreaker – Tech Adoption Driven By Customer Service

‘One thing that has set them apart from other technology vendors is the level of customer service. Not only was our initial onboarding experience brilliant, but we’ve consistently felt that we’re in a true business partnership ever since.’


If you’re still not quite sold and would like to see the platform – and our team – in action, we encourage you to get in touch!


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