How StaffBright rapidly scaled their multi-sector staffing team with advanced sourcing automation technology.


StaffBright is a full service staffing firm headquartered in Troy, MI. Serving more than 200 clients across the IT, Engineering, Professional Services, Finance and Manufacturing sectors, StaffBright is a 5x ‘Best of Staffing’ award-winner powered by over 50 years’ combined recruiting experience.

"SourceBreaker has improved our speed to market dramatically. Recruiters can jump right into a search and find great candidates fast – even when it’s highly technical."
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Analisa Thomas

Talent Development Manager | Staffbright


Michigan, USA




IT, Engineering, Professional Services & Finance


As a regional vendor in competition with both established and emerging local agencies, StaffBright’s leadership team were looking for a way to consistently out-perform other staffing businesses and increase their speed to market. Because of their multi-sector focus, they accessed a range of third-party resume databases as well as LinkedIn and internal ATS, a combination of sources which made it challenging for recruiters to find high quality candidate profiles quickly enough.


SourceBreaker’s integrated search platform allowed StaffBright to run powerful searches across all of their key candidate sources from one place, tying together their CRM data with candidate profiles from popular sites like


“Before SourceBreaker, getting our recruiters to switch sourcing platforms was like pulling teeth,” explains Analisa Thomas, Recruiting Manager. “Being able to search everything from LinkedIn and Monster to our own ATS all at once through SourceBreaker makes everything a lot more efficient.”

The results were so powerful that StaffBright saw rapid ROI on their SourceBreaker investment, recording multiple placements through the platform in their first few months.

“We’ve actually redesigned our workflows since getting on board with SourceBreaker,” adds Analisa. “Instead of choosing between our ATS and LinkedIn or Monster to source a position, SourceBreaker is where we send recruiters at the start of each new search.”


“Before SourceBreaker, getting our recruiters to switch sourcing platforms was like pulling teeth.



Much of StaffBright’s headcount growth was fuelled by rookie consultants, new to recruitment as a profession or hired straight from education. StaffBright needed a way to ensure that new hires could quickly become effective recruiters, shortening the learning curve and the time invested in training recruitment fundamentals.

They also wanted to make sure that less experienced recruiters were able to find candidate profiles within the company’s own ATS, reducing the time from new job req to candidate submission.


SourceBreaker put advanced, cross-platform searches at employees’ fingertips from day one, making it easy for StaffBright’s training and management teams to get new recruiters producing fast.

The integration between SourceBreaker and Bullhorn also helped rookie recruiters to find warm candidates in their database more quickly, ending a previous dependence on LinkedIn.


“We love our ATS,” explains Analisa, “but the interface can be a little tricky for new recruiters to master. If they don’t get the hang of searching it quickly, they move straight to LinkedIn, where they’re competing with 99% of other staffing firms.

The cycle on LinkedIn is much slower – you have to wait for message recipients to respond, whereas candidates in our ATS we can just pick up the phone to. We may also have a warm relationship with them or have worked with the in the past.

By encouraging recruiters to use their own database, SourceBreaker has improved our speed to market dramatically. Recruiters can jump right into a search and find great candidates fast – even when it’s highly technical.”


“SourceBreaker helps us find candidates that our manual search filters just don’t uncover.


Overall Impact

StaffBright’s leadership team have re-configured their core sourcing workflows around SourceBreaker, using the platform to build and run more effective searches faster, across all of their sourcing tools.

This has led to a decrease in training time – where StaffBright previously spent a week or more training rookie hires on search, this is now covered in just a couple of days.

The platform has also helped to build a passive flow of candidates for in-demand roles, positioning the agency to react faster than competitors when new job requirements come in from clients.

“By using SourceBots, we’re able to build a pipeline of candidates even when we’re not actively working to fill certain searches,” says Analisa. “We have them set up to find candidates for repeat reqs for long-time clients or common roles, and they do a lot of the work for us in building that talent pool.”

SourceBreaker has also played a key role in sharing critical market intelligence effectively with new team members – especially company lists and niche-market keywords.

“It’s helped me as a manager,” Analisa explains. “When I started as a recruiter, I had Word documents and spreadsheets with lists of companies and keywords, which was very disorganized and decentralized.

With SourceBreaker, I don’t have to ask new recruiters to research a big list of tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry, for example.

I just build it for them, and they can add it to their company search.”

StaffBright has also developed strong relationships with the Customer Success team at SourceBreaker, ranking them among their top suppliers.

Analisa states, “the customer service has been excellent – with other vendors I have to avoid their calls as they’re always trying to upsell me on things! In contrast, I know when the SourceBreaker team reaches out they’re trying to help us with something.”